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The National Library of Wales Education Service produces high quality digital learning resources for teachers in Wales. These resources use our collections to assist teachers in delivering the requirements of the curriculum in Wales as regards content and skills through innovative and interactive lessons that use cutting-edge technology. All of The National Library's digital learning resources are available free on Hwb.

The Age of the Princes

These resources on The Age of The Princes were produced as part of a joint project led by Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales, The National Library of Wales, The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales and CADW. They include primary and secondary resources sourced from Wales, and look at Welsh history during this period from a Welsh, British and European perspective, not just the relationship between Wales and England.

They are designed to support the new curriculum in Wales, with an emphasis on developing literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills. You can download them free from the Hwb website by following these links.

View the resources on Hwb

The First World War

These resources were produced as part of a joint project led by The National Library of Wales and Amgueddfa Cymru-National Museum Wales to commemorate the centenary of the First World War in Wales. Original items from the period from the collections of both institutions were used to create bilingual teaching resources that include iBooks, worksheets, lesson plans, interactive HTML5 activities, original items with interpretation, film clips and interactive presentations.

The resources recount the history of the First World War from a Welsh perspective using primary and secondary materials sourced mainly from Wales. They were designed to support the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework and the curriculum in Wales and to target specific key stages in both primary and secondary schools.

View the resources on Hwb

Morse Code Hangman

A game that uses the hangman idea to present information about The First World War and how morse code was used to communicate during the war

Play Morse Code Hangman.

Maps of Europe

An exercise that uses HTML5 technology to allow users to compare two maps of Europe and see the changes in European borders following the Versailles Agreement.

View the interactive map.

Aberystwyth Tribunal Papers

The records from the majority of tribunal cases in Britain were destroyed after the First World War, therefore The National Library of Wales is home to this very rare resource.  Here are the cases of 10 individuals who had applied not to have to go to war from the Aberystwyth area.  5 of these individuals are conscientious objectors.

View the tribunal papers.


Being creative with The National Library of Wales collection

In response to the Professor Dai Smith report on Arts in Education in the Schools of Wales The National Library has created a playlist on Hwb that includes examples of how to use our collections to inspire creativity.

Launch the Playlist.

Nanw's Great Adventure


Nanw's Great Adventure is an action packed game where the player races against the clock to collect 7 items items from the National Library of Wales collection and return these to the librarian at the desk. In order to do so he will have to move barriers and open doors with different coloured passes.

Before playing the game it is worth considering some tips:

  • The yellow buttons on the floor are a great help in retrieving the first two items.
  • It is possible to move barriers and open doors with different coloured passes.
  • Things aren't always what they seem, and there might be secret passages and hidden doors.
  • If  there is time left over after recovering an item it is worth using this to open as many doors as possible.

Play Nanw's Great Adventure.

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