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Decarbonisation and Net Zero

The National Library of Wales’ Decarbonisation Project was implemented in order reduce emissions and meet the Welsh Government’s ambition of a collective net zero public sector by 2030. The Library is ambitious in its aims and timescale, and work continued apace for the project which was started in 2021.

Progress was made across a wide range of areas which include: thermal structural studies, secondary glazing studies, shifting from gas boilers to air and ground source heat pumps, and photovoltaic panel installations for both ground and roofs. After initial surveys, work packages have been designed and costed and tenders submitted for work to be carried out throughout 2023/24.

Work was completed on the installation of EV chargers on the Library grounds in February 2023. The National Library has 10 75kw EV chargers and 30 22kw chargers providing capacity for a total of 40 EVs making the National Library the largest charging hub in Wales.