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Library’s Wikimedia expertise contributes towards creating a popular Welsh-language app

The Library and Wicipedia Cymru played a key role in developing the question bank for the new Welsh-language quiz app Cwis Bob Dydd which was launched on the 9th of November 2022. The app was commissioned by S4C in conjunction with the Department for the Welsh language, Welsh Government, reaching over 6,000 players by the end of the first season. The app’s aim is to provide a fun and accessible space to use the Welsh language on a daily basis, and to contribute toward the Welsh Government’s Cymraeg 2050 strategy.

The app requires a pool of thousands of questions to be offered daily, and the Library's expertise amd contribution to the Wikidata database were key to being able to create a wide and meaningful range.

The Library has a partnership with WikimediaUK which commits us to sharing our data, content and information openly on Wikimedia platforms in order to expand access to our collections and to Welsh language data about all kinds of subjects. The Daily Quiz app is a special example of how this work contributes to the use and visibility of the Welsh language in everyday life.

The Volunteers Chat Club

The Volunteering Unit provides regular opportunities for volunteers to become more fluent in speaking Welsh and improve their language skills. As well as offering opportunities for an informal chat over a cup of tea, the chat club also provides an opportunity for our volunteers  to improve their grammar and develop their vocabulary. The Library’s volunteers have benefited from these opportunities, and 3 of them managed to win prizes in the Learners’ Pavilion at the Ceredigion National Eisteddfod, 2022.