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Privacy statement: recording of internal and external meetings

The Library collects personal information for purposes directly related to a service, function or activity of the Library. The Library will be the Data Controller for the personal data processed in connection with the recording of meetings. The Library has contractual agreements with third party suppliers such as Zoom and Microsoft for secure and compliant data processing and storage. This covers live meetings and the storage of recordings and chat transcripts on their cloud platform.

Data collected:

The Library may capture the following personal data during a recorded session

  •     Name
  •     Place of employment / Job title
  •     Personal opinions
  •     Contributions to discussions and chat logs
  •     Images (where video capture is being used, which may include anything or anyone else in the background). You can choose to put up a background in meetings to stop any additional pictures of your home being recorded

How will the data be used and shared:

The purpose of recording the session is

  •   To allow accurate drafting  of meeting minutes and will be viewed solely by the clerk drafting the minutes
  •    The recording will not be shared with others who were, for whatever reason, unable to attend the meeting, were late joining the meeting or who had to leave the meeting early

Lawful basis for collecting this data:

The Library has several legal bases to collect and process personal data, as set out in Article 6 of the GDPR and in this instance will depend on 6(1) Legitimate Interests to process this data

This is applicable as we will use the data solely for the purpose stated to produce accurate minutes of meetings and which we consider has but a minimal privacy impact on the individual

Data retention and storage:

The Library will only retain the data for as long as necessary to draft a transcript of the meeting minutes. The recordings and chat transcripts will be deleted immediately the minutes have been drafted. It is the responsibility of the clerk drafting the minutes to destroy the recording once the minutes have been drafted


Staff meetings, chaired by the Chief Executive and Librarian, and Library trade union meetings attended by staff, where it is recognised that staff unable to attend need to receive the information, will be recorded, for the purpose of sharing with staff who were unable to attend on the day, but the recording will be deleted within three months

Complaints procedure:

The Chair will inform attendees at the beginning of the meeting that it is being recorded, and will refer attendees to this privacy notice

If you are unhappy to be recorded, then you must inform the Chair either in advance of the meeting, or at the start of the meeting. You can choose to mute your microphone and turn your camera off for the duration of the meeting

If you are dissatisfied with the way in which the Library collects and uses your personal data under this privacy notice, you are welcome to contact the Library’s Data Protection Officer on