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Legal status

The National Library of Wales is a body incorporated by Royal Charter and is also a charity (registered number: 525775) and a Welsh Government Sponsored Body (WGSB).

Funding the Library

The Library receives an annual grant in aid from the Welsh Government. This grant is the main source of the Library's income.

Board of Trustees

Since the second half of 2006 (and following the receipt of a new Supplemental Charter from the Queen) the Library has a Board of Trustees known as the 'Board'. The Board has 15 members. 8 members are appointed by the Welsh Government and 7 by the National Library.

The Library has its own officers and the Charter gives the Board the right to delegate any of its functions to them, with the exception of the ability to make regulations and to appoint and dismiss the Chief Executive and Librarian (the Chief Executive and Librarian is employed and he / she is the Library's Accounting Officer).

The Trustees, including three Board Officers, are appointed in accordance with the Revised Statutes 2013. The three officers are the President, Vice President, and Treasurer. The Library's business is also managed and regulated in accordance with the Revised Statutes 2013 and the Regulations organised by the Board.

Board Members

The Trustees, including the three Officers (namely the President, Vice President, and Treasurer), are appointed in accordance with the Revised Statutes 2013.

Current members are:

  • Ashok Ahir (President)
  • Andrew Evans (Vice President)
  • Gronw Percy (Treasurer)
  • Quentin Howard
  • Anwen Jones
  • Gwenllian Lansdown Davies
  • Elaine Treharne
  • Susan Davies
  • David Hay
  • Lydia Rumsey
  • Janet Wademan
  • Lee Yale-Helms
  • Hannah Lindsay
  • John Trevor Allen
  • Andrew Cusworth

Board Meetings

Members of the public are welcome to attend open sessions of Board meetings, and are asked to inform the Clerk of the Board 48 hours in advance by email if they wish to attend. 

View the Summary of Papers for Board Meetings page for an outline of the Board meeting papers.

Agendas and minutes of Board meetings, by year, are available below. The Board usually meets in the National Library. Dates of meetings in 2024 are shown below.

Please contact our Enquiries Service to request the following documents in other accessible formats.

Calendar of Board and committee meetings 2024

Dates of Board of Trustees meetings for 2024

Board of Trustees (am/at 10:00)

Friday 26 January

Friday 22 March

Friday 10 May

Thursday & Friday 25 & 26 July

Friday 6 September

Friday 29 November

Audit, risk and compliance (am/at 10:00)

Tuesday 13 February

Tuesday 9 April

Tuesday 2 July

Tuesday 8 October

Finance and resources (am/at 15:00)

Tuesday 16 January

Tuesday 5 March

Tuesday 11 June

Tuesday 24 September

Perfornamce, quality and governance (am/at 15:30)

Tuesday 27 February

Tuesday 21 May

Tuesday 16 July

Tuesday 22 October

Buildings panel (am/at 10:00)

Thursday 14 March

Thursday 11 July

Thursday 7 November