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The work comprised of the refurbishment of the external envelope of the main building including its internal courtyard infill buildings. Primarily this included the replacement of roof coverings, in some instances the replacement of metal and teak windows and the repair and replacement of the Portland stone. It also included major refurbishment of parts of the building interior, including the renewal of the entire heating pipework and electrical system in the Admin Block.

The schedule

  • Installation of a temporary full height scaffolding to the external perimeter of the building.
  • Roofing works: removal and installation of new Welsh Slate to the Admin block, South Wings, North Reading Room and Manuscripts.
  • Removal and renewal of lead roofs to the Admin block, South Wings, North Reading Room, Manuscripts and Herbert Morgan room.
  • Removal and installation of new lead and slate to the mansards, dormers, gutters and cornices.
  • Installation of a new insulated mineral roof to the reprographics room and Education Room.
  • Removal and installation of a new roof to the out store building.
  • Removal and installation of copper roofs to central hall, stairs and upper foyer.
  • Installation of new work and repairs to the Portland Stone.
  • Mechanical and Electrical: renewal of the entire heating pipework and system within the Admin Block.
  • Full Window refurbishment to the Admin block, South Wings, North Reading Room and Manuscripts.
  • Removal and installation of 4 new glass pyramid roof lights.
  • Full refurbishment of the Gregynog Gallery.

The sections below include more than 50 images of the renovation work being carried out. All images are supplied courtesy of Iwan Thomas, DarntonB3 Architecture and Dylan Richards, RL Davies & Son Ltd, and Mark Stevens and Scott Waby, The National Library of Wales.

Cleaning and restoring the stonework and cornices

Cleaning the stonework in preparation for renovation work, removal of balconies, restoring the stonework name of the Library, dealing with the erosion of cornice blocks. (13 images)

Work on the balconies, windows and lead

Repairing the erosion of the steel balcony, restoring both wooden and steel windows, and new lead work. (10 images)

The Central Hall and Gregynog Gallery

Removing the marble plinths covering the pipework around the edges of the Central Hall, removing the floors themselves, laying new pipes for heating, laying new marble plinths, removing partitions and a full refurbishment of the Gregynog Gallery. (11 images)

Slate, copper and glass roofs

Removing the old slates and installing new Welsh slates on the roof of the Gregynog Gallery and other parts of the building, removing and replacing copper roofs and renovating glass roofs.(10 images)

Offices, rooms and copper drains

Renovating the Council Chamber, installing new heating pipes and electrical cables in the Admin Block, removing the old copper drains, and producing and installing new drains.(9 images)