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Dot Dot Dash: Communicating in Wales

Do you remember life without Facebook and Twitter? Were you watching a television set 30 years ago when S4C was launched? Can you remember listening to important news from the front line on the wireless during Second World War? Have you seen Morse Code being used to Tweet?

Through the eyes of one main fictional character, Bryn Jones, Dot Dot Dash: Communicating in Wales exhibition at the National Library of Wales between 3 November 2012 and 14 September 2013 will focus on the collections of the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales, displaying iconic audio and visual clips from each decade of the past century. It will trace some of the major milestones in the history of communication in Wales that have changed the way we live our lives today.

Featuring objects borrowed from the Museum of Communication in Fife, this exhibition will guide you down memory lane with early radio and television sets, home-movie clips and audio clips of early radio broadcasts in Wales.

Jaimie Thomas, Exhibitions Officer at The National Library of Wales said:

'We are delighted to show off the collection of the National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales in this exhibition as we trace the history of communication in Wales between 1912 and 2012.'

This exciting exhibition will also trace the roots of illustration and cartoons in Wales, and display works by some of the most notable Welsh cartoonists and illustrators.

Mike Collins and David Roach are well-known for creating comic strips such as Dr.Who, Spiderman, Batman and Judge Dredd. This exhibition will give you the chance to see sketches and animations never before seen by the public.

Also displayed in the exhibition will be items from the Library's collection including Superted cartoon strips, original drawings published in Llyfr Mawr y Plant and some of the earliest satirical cartoons by Welsh cartoonists.

Why not join us on the 26 January to celebrate communicating in Wales. We will be hosting animation workshops, guided tours, as well as showing various films from The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales collection.

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