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‘Lived here all my Life, never been to the Library!’

‘Lived here all my life but never been to the Library’ is the slogan of this year’s Open Day at the National Library of Wales on Saturday 28 January 2012.

Click here for more information and the day's timetable.

The slogan is used with a photograph of the well-known Aberystwyth personality, Brian John – owner of Clive Continental Menswear, Terrace Rd. Despite being born and raised in Penparcau, the young-looking 72 year old, Brian, who plays a prominent part in the life of the town, had never been to the National Library. ‘There may have been a feeling in the past that the National Library wasn’t for some people but the institution has changed tremendously over the last few years. It’s vitally important to us that the people of Aberystwyth know what’s here on their doorstep and that they’re welcome to visit. The whole theme of this year’s Open Day is Aberystwyth – which is the reason why we asked Brian if he would be the ‘face’ of our publicity material,’ said Arwel Jones, Director of Public Services, at the National Library. Brian began work at 15 years of age and has worked at Burtons Menswear and then with Clive Northam at his menswear shop, which was located at the time in Pier St. Brian took over the shop thirty years ago and still works there with his nephew, Mark Clifton. Although he’d never visited the Library, Clive is very proud of Aberystwyth and believes the Library is an important part of the town’s appeal.‘The National Library, like the Castle, University and Constitution Hill is one of the iconic buildings of Aberystwyth. We’re very lucky to have it here, it puts Aber on the map,’ said Brian, who agreed to have his picture taken for the Open Day’s publicity material and then enjoyed a guided tour of the building. Despite being a national library for the whole of Wales, Arwel Jones is also keen that the local people of Aberystwyth have a feeling of ownership of the place. ‘It’s vitally important for the Library that the local people of Aberystwyth know that the Library belongs to them. After all it has something to offer everyone a café, shop, galleries, films, talks as well as the reading rooms. The Open Day’s activities will therefore be targeted at Aberystwyth people including guided tours, activities for the kids, talks on old photos of the and old film footage of the town and a special guest appearance by BBC newscaster, Huw Edwards. There will also be a free hourly bus service from the town to the Library.’National Library of Wales Open Day10.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.Saturday 28 January 2012

For more information: Sian Henson: 01970 632545