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29/04/13 Fire Update

The National Library of Wales will re-open to the public on Tuesday 30 April, following a fire at the building on Friday 27 April.

The Library completed its immediate salvage operation of collections located in the fire affected areas on Sunday the 28th and is in the process of relocating over 70 staff to other parts of the building.

Arwel Jones, Director of Public Services said:

‘We’re keen to stress that it’s business as usual at the Library, for readers, users and visitors. On Friday, we took the precautionary measure of cancelling a few of this week’s planned events, but, apart from that, we’re confident that we can provide a full and normal service to all our users.

We take this opportunity, again, to thank everyone, from various parts of the globe, for their sincere declarations of concern and support. This means a lot to the organisation, its staff and our Board’ he added.

We hope to make a full statement as soon as possible.

Further Information:Arwel Jones/Elwyn Williams