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Industrious Stitches

A special panel of embroidery will be unveiled at Swansea Museum on 5th September 2013, to celebrate the completion of the first project in the Eluned Gymraes Davies Programme, which is managed by The National Library of Wales. The piece is part of the ‘Copperopolis’ exhibition at the museum, which looks at the history of the copper industry in the city of Swansea.

The panel is a result of the first project in a series of six that will be introduced in various regions of Wales over the next three years. The programme will be run by The National Library of Wales is funded with money received from the estate of Eluned Gymraes Davies (1910-2004). Eluned Gymraes Davies, who lived in Pontardawe , played a crucial part in establishing Bryn House Community Centre in Uplands, Swansea over 60 years ago , and was appointed as the first Head there.

Rhodri Morgan ,The National Library of Wales Education Officer said :
" Because of her contribution to community education and expertise in needlework , it is fitting that the first Eluned Gymraes Davies project is based on embroidery and presented at Bryn House , Swansea ."

The workshops were led by experienced tutors at the Centre, and the panel design inspired by items from the collections of the National Library. The students have been working hard all winter and spring to complete the main piece, as well as their individual pieces of embroidery.

One of the students, Jean Bills commented:
"The funding we received has allowed us to use unusual materials that would not normally be available to us, and with it we learned about old techniques that have almost disappeared."

Judith Porch , Community Education Development Officer City and County of Swansea added :
" We as a Lifelong Learning and Employment Training Service are delighted to be working with The National Library of Wales to develop opportunities for members of our community while extending the legacy of Eluned Gymraes."

The embroidery is shown at Swansea Museum until summer 2014 , when the piece will be transferred to The National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth.

Further Information

Elin Hâf 01970 632534 or
Education Service

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