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Dame Rosemary visits the 4 Books

Dame Rosemary Butler, Presiding Officer, National Assembly for Wales, is visiting the Library, on the final day of the 4 Books exhibition.

Following her visit the Library will return the Red Book of Hergest to England and to the vaults of the Bodley Library in Oxford.  Dame Rosemary was eager to see this exhibition before this iconic manuscript leaves the country.

Dr Aled Gruffydd Jones, Chief Executive and Librarian said:
“It’s with great sadness that we have to return the Red Book of Hergest to England. Until now, the Book has only visited Wales once since its exile across Offa’s Dyke in 1701, and it seems quite unlikely that it will return to Wales in the near future. However, I am pleased to be able to welcome Dame Rosemary to the Library. We are not only grateful to her personally for her support of the Library, but also to the Assembly which she represents”.

Dr Jones went on to say:
“During the next few weeks the Library will be launching its new Strategic Plan – Knowledge for All – and during the brief time Dame Rosemary will spend with us we hope to show her how the Library intends to provide access to quality Welsh and global knowledge resources that will enable the organisation to make a significant contribution to building a productive, connected, skilled and literate Wales. It’ll be good to share our vision with Dame Rosemary”

This is Dame Rosemary’s first visit to the Library since her appointment as Presiding Officer.

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