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Gwlad Gwlad

Have you ever wanted to be able to sing the national anthem of Wales but wouldn’t know where to begin? A brand new App by the National Library of Wales and Eto Music Practice Apps is now available that will help you to learn how to pronounce and sing the words of the anthem (and even the alto, tenor or bass parts) while also finding out more about its story.

The bilingual Gwlad Gwlad App has a unique and innovative user interface that will enable its users to pronounce the words and then to learn the anthem’s melody slowly to begin and then at the usual speed.

The App also includes the story of the anthem’s composers – Evan James and his son James James – and how the melody and the words came to be composed, as well as images of the earliest manuscripts of the anthem that form part of the National Library’s collection. It is expected that the App will be used widely by individuals, education providers and groups.

“This is the first time that the National Library has published an App in partnership with a commercial partner,” said Aled Gruffydd Jones, the National Library’s Chief Executive and Librarian. “The project is very exciting because it combines innovative technology with items from the Library’s collection.  Gwlad Gwlad is a great example of the way in which the Library can collaborate with other companies and organisations to promote our culture and identity among new audiences in Wales and beyond.”

“The App is based on a unique template that was developed by Eto Music Practice Apps, which allows the user to control the tempo in order to practice singing the words and music,” said a spokesperson on behalf of the company. “The App will enable thousands upon thousands of people both in Wales and around the world to sing the anthem. We are very pleased to be working with the National Library on this project.”

The Gwlad Gwlad developers emphasise that the user does not need to be able to read music to use the App and that the user will have an improved understanding of musical notation after using the App to learn the anthem.

Gwlad Gwlad is available to download from:

For further information please contact

The National Library of Wales

Notes for editors

App features

  • Learn the correct pronunciation of the Welsh words of Hen Wlad fy Nhadau.
  • The words can be practised/ imitated from appropriate slow speeds to the speed at which it is usually sung.
  • Practise in phrases or sentences. Start and stop points can be easily chosen and these sections can be repeated at the various speed until mastered.
  • Learn to correctly sing the melody; you can choose Female Melody or Male Melody.
  • Individual harmony parts can be chosen and learned: Alto, Tenor or Bass.
  • Similar to learning the words, the melody and each part can be practised in sections.
  • Whilst learning your individual part you will have an instrumental accompaniment, your own part sung for you and eventually the other three parts for you to experience singing with others in harmony.
  • Follow the music notation and words for each part which are shown on the screen with a real time Beat Counter appearing above the music. This will keep you in time as would a conductor. The words are also highlighted in their appropriate place.
  • You don't have to be able to read music to learn but you will have a better understanding of the music notation after singing with the App.
  • The App also gives the history of the music, lyrics and composers, illustrated with images of the earliest manuscripts of the Anthem held in the National Library of Wales’s collections.

Eto Music Practice Apps generates and publishes online music practice resources in the form of Apps for schools and for learning at home. Their Apps are for sale in 32 countries around the world. They are also developing new music practice applications and other products for Google Glass. The company is based in Pontsian, Ceredigion.

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