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Voices from a disused quarry

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) and The National Library of Wales launch a new partnership at an exhibition and archive event at the Library building in Aberystwyth on Saturday 26 July.

The event will herald the arrival at the Library of part of the CAT Archive, which includes over 90 oral history interviews, hundreds of documents and publications, approximately 1000 photographs and a selection of digitized videos from the past 40 years. Also featured during a lively day long programme are an exhibition of historic material from the CAT archive, an oral history performance of stories from the women’s archive at CAT, and audio-visual installations from artists Christine Mills and Carlos Pinnati, and Dan Gifford and Anne-Marie Carty.

‘Voices from a disused quarry – a special oral history exhibition and sound exhibit – lends its name to the day’s events.

“This is a significant day for The National Library of Wales”, according to Aled Gruffydd Jones, their Chief Executive and Librarian. “Working with CAT - a partner with international credentials and global reach - is very exciting, and a great honour for us. The arrival of the initial part of their unique archives of contemporary environmental materials will enrich and broaden our collections and we look forward to working closely with them for many years to come as we look to build an extensive archive, accessible to all” he said  

According to Allan Shepherd, Voices form the Valley Project Co-ordinator, “The Archive Launch is the culmination of three years of work involving hundreds of people across the Dyfi Valley and beyond. Over the last 40 years CAT has become an important part of the cultural landscape of Wales, influencing technological development, public opinion and government policy, as well as changing the lives of people who have come into contact with it. It’s fitting the archive is finally arriving at The National Library of Wales, one of the great guardians of Welsh cultural life.

Creating the archive has been a real collaborative effort between The National Library of Wales, People’s Collection Wales, the Arts Council of Wales and the University of Aberystwyth. Together we have created a living archive of oral history interviews, artists’ work, video, documents and
photographs which will go on to be of enormous benefit to people for years to come” he said

The exhibition at the Library building in Aberystwyth runs all day on Saturday the 26th of July. The Archive itself will be launched at the Library’s Drwm venue between 2pm and 4pm and will include speakers from CAT, the Library and the People’s Collection Wales website project, as well as presentations from CAT’s Artists in Residence and oral history performers.

As a precursor to the activities at the Library on the 26th, CAT students and staff will begin Journeying the Archive through the Dyfi valley to Aberystwyth at 6pm on Friday the 25th, passing through the villages of Pantperthog and Ceinws.

Notes for Editors

Exhibition includes:

Documents, artifacts and photographs from CAT’s Archive Collection.
‘Voices from a Disused Quarry – oral history exhibition and sound exhibit.
People’s Collection Wales website.
Holdfast oral history performance collecting stories for the women’s archive at CAT.
Audio-visual installations from CAT’s Artists in Residence Christine Mills and Carlos Pinnati, Dan Gifford and Anne Marie Carty.

Event Speakers:

Cynog Dafis
Allan Shepherd, Project Co-ordinator ‘Voices from a Disused Quarry’
Peter Harper, CAT Archive Co-ordinator and coiner of the phrase Alternative Technology
Paul Allen, CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain Co-ordinator
Dr Michael Pearson, The National Library of Wales Mablab Project Co-ordinator
Hazel Thomas, People’s Collection Wales
Ariana Jordao, Artists in Residence Facilitator and Holdfast Performer
Christine Mills and Carlos Pinatti, Artists in Residence present the work ‘Receive and Return’
Dan Gifford and Anne-Marie Carty, Artists in Residence present the Community Archive

Further Information

Elwyn Williams, 01970 632471 or