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The President of the National Library of Wales sees the organisation playing a crucial role in the development of the nation


Rhodri Glyn Thomas said in his opening comments to the Library’s Board of Trustees:

“Following the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union a month ago, it seems that all the attention is now focused on redefining Britain in a federal form. If Wales, as the First Minister desires, is to develop her identity within this federal state, her national institutions need to play a central role in the growth of the nation”.

“As important as the other national institutions are in this process, we need to recognise that the National Library is completely unique. The Library is the custodian of the nation's past, the recorder of our present and where we can find the inspiration for our future”.

“Creating a federal state is not only a matter of political routine. All four nations need to develop and highlight their identity. Arguably, Northern Ireland and Scotland have done this to a far greater extent than Wales. If her distinctiveness is not clear, Wales will be no more than an appendix of England and we will return to the stereotypical description "for Wales see England."

“The National Library is the key to turning political aspirations into reality and to allowing Wales to stand alongside other nations as part of the United Kingdom in its new form”.

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22 July 2016