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The President of the National Library of Wales wants Welsh Government to face up to its duties


At the start of his tenure as President of the National Library of Wales Rhodri Glyn Thomas has reminded politicians, particularly those who will form the next government of Wales, to respect our national institutions and provide them with the resources they need in order to perform their vital work for the people of Wales.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas said in his opening comments to the Library’s Board of Trustees:

"The next government of Wales needs to recognise the importance and unique status of national institutions, such as the National Library, by creating a strategy that enables them to operate as truly national institutions."

"The National Library plays a very important role  in the life of the nation and must be given the resources to fulfil its responsibilities. The Government needs to realise that it has a duty to maintain these institutions and treat them separately from non statutory institutions.”

"In order to maintain the Library’s core values of collecting, preserving and ensuring that Welsh culture and history is accessible to present and future generations, as well as reaching out to new audiences especially those in deprived parts of Wales, the Welsh Government needs to acknowledge that the Library fulfills a unique role which is irreplaceable.”

"The National Library has managed to cope with nearly a decade of cuts, but further cuts will threaten its ability to deliver its services not only to the current population but to future generations.”

"If the next Welsh Government wishes to maintain our national organisations as productive, vibrant contributors to Welsh society, a strategy  and appropriate budget is needed in order to do so."

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