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LENS 2017


On Saturday 4  November LENS 2017 will take place at The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. An essential photography festival that no-one with an interest in photography should miss.

From its early days as an event promoting the Library’s visual collections, LENS has grown and developed over the past decade to become a recognised discussion forum for professionals and amateurs alike. It also provides opportunities to enjoy presentations from some of the photographic greats.

This years speakers include:

Richard Jones
Although Richard has been taking photographs for years, he began to learn about photography at a course at Bangor University about 25 years ago.  According to Richard, the course tutor was a very creative landscape photographer, motivating his students to try to find a different angle and perspective, questioning the traditional methods, but also respecting the best values of the art.
After that, and especially after Richard retired from his full-time work, he continues to try to find different angles, but recognizes that it is very easy to fall into the stereotype and traditional trap, but he continues to try, he says!

Gerallt Llewelyn
Gerallt is 69 years old, married and has two children and six grandchildren.  He is now retired but still works on occasional “interesting” jobs.
Gerallt spent the last forty years taking photos in the media and public relations industry, which helped him pay his mortgage, buy several cars, visit many countries, and raise his family.
The secret, very often was to be in the right place at the right time, and he got to meet people who gave him support during those years.  Gerallt will share his experiences with the audience and a summary of what gave him the opportunity to be behind the camera for 40 years.

Bernard Mitchell
Bernard was born in Swansea in 1947 and studied photography at Berkshire College of Art where in 1966, he photographed the artists and writers of Swansea who were influenced by the work of Dylan Thomas.  Subsequently he worked as a newspaper photographer.  He returned to Wales in 1998 to recommence photographing Welsh artists and writers.  When he moved back to Swansea he gained an MA in photography at Swansea Metropolitan University.

Sebastian Bruno
Based on his own individual and collective experiences, together with a strong responsibility to both place and people, Sebastian’s photographic and film practice intends to understand and explore the complexity of human relations within its political, historical and social context.  To interpret the world, communities and people who may have been passed by in the name of progress, is what provides him with the means to create authentic and charged narratives, that go beyond the boundaries of traditional documentary practice.
In 2015 Magnum Photos selected Sebastian as one of 30 photographers under 30 years old and as one of the 10 best UK graduates.  His previous body of work Duelos y Quebrantos, due to be published this year, has been exhibited and published widely across the UK and continental Europe.  Additionally, it has been shortlisted for numerous awards, Prix Levallois (France), Prix Roger Pic (France), Bar Tur Photobook Award (UK), Fotopres La Caixa (Spain), among others.
Sebastian is a graduate from the prestigious Documentary Photography course at the University of South Wales (formerly Newport).

Christpher Webster van Tonder
Chris was born and raised in the north-west of England.  In 1982 his family emigrated to South Africa.  In 1986 he joined a degree level course as a photography student, and in 1989 he graduated with a distinction.  In 1990 he got a job as a photographer's assistant and moved into a flat in Johannesburg with his wife.  By 1992 he had completed his postgraduate studies.  In 1996 he was appointed Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth.  Chris achieved his PhD in 2006 and became Senior Lecturer in 2016.
Chris continues to live and work in Wales.

Will Troughton
Our Visual Images Librarian will present news from The National Library of Wales collections.

Chief Excecutive and National Librarian Linda Tomos said:

‘Lens is always a pleasurable and interesting get-together for all those interested in photography. We attract professional and amateur photographers as well as people interested in social history. Past speakers at the annual Lens festival have included the world-famous Phillip Jones-Griffiths and David Hurn.’

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