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Ode to Museum Pieces


On Wednesday 13th December at 3pm second year students from the Department of Theatre Film and Television Studies, Aberystwyth University, will be performing a three-part performance at The National Library of Wales entitled Ode to Museum Pieces.

The performance responds to a score originally presented in the National Museum Wales by Cardiff based company ‘Good News from the Future’ under the direction of Mike Pearson, with an original musical score by composer Samuel Barnes. The piece subverts social conventions by placing bodies together in ways that are unfamiliar and in a place where interactions of this kind are not normally experienced.

Pedr ap Llwyd, Deputy National Librarian, said:

"We were delighted to welcome Dr Ritchie and her students to the Library. It has been exciting to see their project develop, making transformational use of the Library’s spaces. Whilst we are a repository and memory for the nation, we are also a creative place shaping the future."

Dr Louise Ritchie, Aberystwyth University said:

"It has been huge privilege to work once again with the National Library of Wales, and to give students the experience of performing in this fantastic space in this iconic building. Thank you for the support of all staff Library who have made this possible. Enjoy the performance!"

Students responded positively to the opportunity.

Jess Cox said:
"It is a beautiful building, and somewhere we would never usually get to perform. It has been great to explore the relationship between the National Museum and The National Library."

Kai Bools said:
"The National Library of Wales has been a truly remarkable site to work at. We the performers have channelled the ghosts within its walls."

And Aneurin Britton said:
"As a proud Welshman I’ve loved exploring the building, and there is something very special about it. I feel very much at home performing here."

This is a free public event, no tickets required, and will happen in and around the National Library during a normal working day with no impact on services. Readers or members of the public who wish to follow the performance are welcome to assemble just before 3pm in the car park immediately in front of the main entrance.

You can follow the project on Twitter: @TFTS_NLoW

Further Information

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