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The National Library of Wales lights up Purple


On Tuesday the 24th of October The National Library of Wales building in Aberystwyth will light up purple.

How come?, I hear you ask…

The Library supports Aberystwyth Rotary Club and other worldwide rotary clubs as they campaign to end Polio.

Polio is a virus that can attack the nervous system and can cause permanent palsy in the muscle. If it affects chest or brain muscles, polio can kill. Before a polio vaccine was introduced, there were as many as 350,000 cases worldwide every year, including 8,000 cases in the UK in epidemic years. Polio is spread mainly by swallowing material containing the virus.

Martin Davies, President of Aberystwyth Rotary Club said:

“We are extremely grateful to the National Library for supporting this campaign to raise awareness and try and end Polio. We ask the public to do three things - learn, share and donate.
We need to end Polio or in 10 years’ time there will be up to 200,000 new cases each year around the world. We need to reach every child across the world with the vaccine otherwise no child will be safe”

Further Information

Elin-Hâf 01970 632471 or


Aberystwyth Rotary club has 40 members.
They meet weekly to socialise and organise fundraising events.