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Wikimedia Commons / SAIN (Records)


In partnership with Wicipedia Cymraeg editors, Wikimedia UK, the Welsh Government and the National Library of Wales, Sain (Records) ( have opened up some of their content on a Creative Commons open licence, in order to share with a wider audience. Over 7,000 audio clips and 498 album covers are now available on the Wikimedia Commons website.

This is an exciting venture, and places Sain (Records) at the forefront of open access and free, open knowledge.

It now means that world wide editors will be able to use these files to create and update Wikipedia articles on hundreds of singers, music bands, groups and choirs from Wales.  The files are on an Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0)  licence, which means that they can be shared as long as appropriate credit is given to Sain (Records), and the user provides a link to the licence, and indicate if changes were made. If shared further then they must be distributed under the same licence.


Dafydd Roberts, Chief Executive at Sain (Records) said: “This partnership will provide us and our artists with a very valuable opportunity whilst allowing others to gain information about Welsh music.  Sain has the largest catalogue of Welsh recorded music in the world, and now we can share clips and images from that catalogue with the rest of the world.”

Lona Mason, Head of The National Screen and Sound Archive of Wales said: "The National Library of Wales is delighted to work in partnership with the Welsh Government and Sain (Records) on this important project. This is great news for Welsh music collectors and enthusiasts all over the world, and will be an important platform to enable people to share and enjoy the variety of Sain (Records) audio and album covers from years gone by."

Lucy Crompton-Reid, Chief Executive of Wikimedia UK said: "Sound brings an important extra dimension to Wikipedia and this release will enrich the free encyclopaedia with Welsh classical, folk and contemporary music that anyone will be able to access. I hope others will follow this fantastic example and share their own content under an open license. My congratulations to all involved!"

Robin Owain, Wicimedia Cymru Manager said: "No other record company has shared as many songs with the world as Sain Records. The Wikimedia community will now be able to add these sound-clips on Wikipedia articles in over 295 languages - showing the world that we are not only a 'musical nation', but also at the cutting edge of information technology."

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