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Call on Wales to recognize and acknowledge its heroes


It is crucial that we as a nation recognize the men and women who have made a notable contribution to the life of Wales and beyond. That is the message from The National Library of Wales on the launch of the new Dictionary of Welsh Biography website, which includes almost 5,000 biographies of men and women who have made such a contribution.

The new Dictionary of Welsh Biography website will be launched on 8 November 2018 by The National Assembly's Presiding Officer, Elin Jones AM, following a lecture discussing the contribution of women to the National Assembly for Wales over the last twenty years.

The Dictionary of Welsh Biography was first published in print format by the Cymmrodorion and in 2004 The National Library of Wales launched the on-line resource. The website is now maintained and developed by The National Library under the editorship of Professor Dafydd Johnston of Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies at the University of Wales. It is a comprehensive, authoritative reference work intended for users of all backgrounds and it is updated frequently with new articles.

The new website contains additional functions as well as new content and design. The website was developed with the help of the Colwinston Charitable Trust and The National Library.

Linda Tomos, Chief Executive and Librarian of the National Library said:

'It is hugely important that we recognise people who, through their lives, have made a valuable contribution to Wales, and the Dictionary of Welsh Biography as a national resource enables this to happen.  Alongside other major Welsh digital resources, it ensures that current and future generations not only know about prominent people but are inspired by them too.'

Professor Dafydd Johnston, Editor of Biography, added:

'The Dictionary of Welsh Biography is a great resource for school teachers, local and family historians, lecturers and students, and anyone interested in our history to learn about our heroes. It also allows them to share that information with others, thereby celebrating the contribution of these people. '

'The important work of promoting and recognizing the contribution of these people continues, and the web allows us all to be part of that. Publishing the Dictionary of Welsh Biography on-line and making sure it's available for free, allows us to share as well as access the information. We can also work with the users of the Dictionary of Welsh Biography to identify those who should be included in it, with the aim of ensuring that new biographies are published promptly and on an ongoing basis. '

The new website address is

Further Information

Elin-Hâf, 01970 632471 or

Twitter: @WelshBiography