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Class Art


Today, 25 April 2018, pupils at Ysgol Uwchradd Dyffryn Nantlle and Ysgol Gynradd Bro Lleu in Penygroes, Gwynedd  took part in a Class Art event – one of The National Library of Wales’ outreach projects.

To celebrate the centenary of the birth of artist Kyffin Williams, some of his paintings which are a centrepiece to The National Library’s collection of art were transported to Dyffryn Nantlle for the day. The paintings were used to inspire pupils during art workshops led by experienced artists; the first organised for year 12 & 13 at Ysgol Dyffryn Nantlle led by Eleri Jones, and the other for Year 3 and 4 at nearby Ysgol Gynradd Bro Lleu led by Catrin Williams.

This work is part of the Library's strategy to reach out to communities across Wales, and support participation in cultural, educational and artistic activities for children and young people. It is a significant contribution to the Library's commitment to support the Welsh Government's programme, Fusion: Creating opportunities through culture, and we have been given support from the Gwynedd Fusion Network to choose schools for the project.

Linda Tomos, Chief Executive and Librarian, The National Library of Wales said:

“These paintings are a part of the thousands of treasures in The National Library of Wales that can provide access to the culture, history and heritage of Wales for children and young people. This event today demonstrates how The National Library of Wales collections can stimulate creativity and inspire young people to learn and nurture new skills.”

By working with the paintings the pupils from both schools were given the opportunity to learn more about the work and painting techniques of Kyffin Williams, and to hear more about the artist’s life and the health problems he had to come to terms with throughout his career.

Dylan Owen, Head of Art Department at Ysgol Uwchradd Dyffryn Nantlle said:

"In a crucial time for 6th Class art students studying for A Level, we value all the support that enriches their education. The opportunity to work with Kyffin Williams's original paintings, in the company of a professional portrait artist, gives students an invaluable experience. We are very grateful to the National Library for allowing this access to its collections for the benefit of a younger audience - just as the artist himself would have wished, I’m sure. "

Gerallt Jones, Head of Ysgol Gynradd Bro Lleu said:

"With rising transport costs it is difficult to transport pupils to galleries, museums and libraries across Wales so that they enjoy the historical and artistic treasures of our country. So we are very grateful for this opportunity that enables Ysgol Bro Lleu pupils to work with the original pictures of one of Wales' most prominent artists. "

Saran Edwards, Fusion Network Co-ordinator added:

"Providing experiences to excite young pupils with the art and culture of our nation is an integral part of the Fusion programme, and this partnership between Gwynedd Council and The National Library of Wales is a great example of how resources can be combined to achieve this in disadvantaged areas."

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Key partners

The National Library of Wales
The National Library of Wales is the biggest library in Wales and serves as the nation's memory. As a legal deposit library it has the right to receive a free copy of everything published in Britain and Ireland. Around 4,000 new publications are collected every week that add to The National Library's collection of:

  • 6 million books and newspapers
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The National Library of Wales provides its services free to all Welsh citizens and it does not discriminate on the basis of ability or inability to pay. It welcomes children and young people to use its services, either by visiting the Library in Aberystwyth or accessing its resources and services on-line. The Library also delivers workshops in communities across the whole of Wales that meet the requirements of the curriculum in Wales as regards content and skills, and present the Library’s collections to young people, parents and teachers. This work is delivered in partnership with local authorities, education advisors, and individual organisations and schools with the aim of ensuring that as many children and young people in Wales as possible can benefit from the Library’s rich collections.

NLW Education Service
The NLW Education Service was established in 2002. Its main work is to:

  • Deliver a programme of educational activities of a high standard to promote The National Library of Wales and the national collection through the school curriculum.
  • Increase awareness among children and young people of the history, culture and heritage of Wales.
  • Facilitate access to information for learners and educators and assist them in making the most of our collections by interpreting information in the national collection.
  • Increase the Library’s presence, and awareness of the institution and its work, in various parts of Wales.
  • Assist NLW in delivering the five strategic aims set out in The Nation’s Memory: Informing the Future: The National Library of Wales strategic plan for 2017-2021.
  • Produce high quality digital resources to assist with the delivery of the school curriculum in Wales, and publish these on Hwb.
  • Manage various projects that provide access to the collections to children, young people and adults.
  • Support the Welsh Government social inclusion and reducing inequality agendas by working in disadvantaged areas.

Ysgol Uwchradd Dyffryn Nantlle:
Ffordd y Brenin
LL54 6AA

Ysgol Gynradd Bro Lleu
Ysgol Bro Lleu
Kings Rd
LL54 6RL

Kyffin Williams
When he died in September 2006, the famous Welsh artist, Sir Kyffin Williams, left a large part of his estate to The National Library of Wales. The bequest covers the original works created by the artist, his archives, medals, together with a small collection of birds and animals in bronze. The collection contains 1200 works on paper, 200 oil paintings and over 300 original prints.

This year, to celebrate the centenary of Kyffin Williams's birth, The National Library of Wales is holding an exhibition of the work of the artist in the main gallery, and to coincide with this the Library Education Service will present workshops for the years 5 and 6 pupils during March.