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Kyffin prints  - just a click away


The National Library of Wales releases over a thousand images of paintings from their art collection  to buy through the Art UK website.

Art UK is the name of the Public Catalogue Foundation’s initiative to showcase the UK’s national art collection online. It enables projects to: (i) digitise artworks that are held in public collections; (ii) display images of these artworks online, along with relevant background information, so that they are freely accessible to the public; and (iii) to provide a commercial platform for Collections to generate income through print-on-demand, image licensing and merchandise sales.

Mererid Boswell of The National Library of Wales said:

“As a founding partner of Art UK, The National Library of Wales believes that this is a wonderful platform for organisations to share collections, and to make those collections accessible by purchasing via their shop. The shop allows such a variety of options and all at a click of a button”.

Camilla Stewart of Art UK said:

“The National Library of Wales’s collection is so rich and varied and adds to the breadth of over 200,000 artworks already available on Art UK.  We will soon be adding the nation’s sculpture collection of the last thousand years. The first of some 170,000 sculptures will join the site in early 2018.”

Further Information

Elin-Hâf 01970 632471 or

Art UK