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On 6 December 2019, The National Library of Wales will join other public organizations across Wales to celebrate 'Welsh Language Rights Day.'

The day will be a celebration of the Welsh language services offered by organizations, along with people’s rights to use the language when conversing with them. It will therefore be a special opportunity for the Library to promote all its Welsh language services and seek to increase the number of people that take advantage of their right to use them.

This is the first year that the national campaign has taken place, led by the office of the Welsh Language Commissioner. It is a significant date, as it marks the day that the language legislation was passed by the National Assembly in 2010. The aim is to hold the national campaign annually.

You can learn more about your rights to use the Welsh language at the National Library of Wales in a colourful digital campaign, so keep an eye on our social media on 6 December, specifically by following #maegenihawl.

Pedr ap Llwyd, Chief Executive and Librarian at the National Library of Wales said:

“The National Library prides itself on the wide range of services offered through the medium of Welsh and our commitment to implementing the Welsh language standards at every opportunity. This is a great occasion to raise awareness and highlight the special opportunities we have to use the Welsh language here at the Library.”

Aled Roberts, Welsh Language Commissioner said:

“Today there are over 120 organisations operating the Welsh language standards, which means that the public have a right to use the language with them. We are pleased that organisations such as The National Library of Wales have taken the opportunity today to promote Welsh language rights. Let us now, as Welsh speakers and learners, make the most of our rights and chose the language.”


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