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7 May 2020

As the home to the memory of the nation the National Library of Wales is launching a campaign to gather the experiences of the people of Wales during these challenging times.

Since its inception over a century ago, the Library has collected and preserved records of events in our history as Welsh people, and making it available to current and future generations.

During this period, we will be collecting a variety of items - from newspapers to official publications and archiving web content, as a record of the Covid-19 crisis and its effect on Wales and on the people of Wales.  However, this wouldn't provide a full picture of the times, therefore we are eager to collect personal experiences too and record the effect of the current situation on the everyday life of the nation.

We are asking the public to share their experiences through whatever medium they prefer – letters, diaries, videos, voice recordings, images. Asking them to think about how their normal day has changed; what is most challenging; what has been unexpected; what kind of things are causing concern; what have they done to try and deal with the situation and what are the positive things to come out of the experience? The ordinary things in their lives. By recording these experiences, we will ensure that future generations better understand this period and its effects. 

Pedr ap Llwyd, Chief Executive and Librarian of the National Library of Wales, said:

“The National Library’s vast treasure house of collections is an important source of knowledge and Wales’ unique history and culture is documented in many different formats and media. This is what ensures we have a better understanding of who we are and what has shaped us as people.

"It is important that we play a proactive role in ensuring that the story of the people of Wales during the Covid-19 crisis is recorded as fully as possible and safeguarded for future generations.”

This work will contribute to a wider partnership with People's Collection Wales, and the Library will be one of a number of heritage organizations across Wales who will work with them to collect the Welsh experience of Covid-19.

More details about how to take part are available on the Collecting Wales' Covid-19 Experience page on the Library’s website.

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