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The National Library of Wales is pleased to announce that two artworks from the ground breaking 'Young Welsh Artists' exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), Machynlleth are the latest additions to the National Art Collection.

In partnership with MOMA, Machynlleth the Library plans to purchase such works of art annually in support of this very important exhibition and thus the careers of young Welsh artists.

'A Search for a Contemporary Figure IV' by Tomos Sparnon and 'I Use(d) to Hurt Myself' by Jasmine Sheckleford are powerful pieces from the new annual exhibition at MOMA. The exhibition was launched in November 2020 to showcase the work of artists under the age of 30 working in Wales. The exhibition was curated by the two young guest curators Mari Elin Jones and Lloyd Roderick.

Tomos Sparnon’s mixed media on canvas explores what it is to be human, reflecting on the conflict between what is visible and invisible, while Jasmine Sheckleford's work, which uses a cyanotype on paper, looks at themes relating to mental health, identity and family. 

Pedr ap Llwyd, Chief Executive and Librarian of the National Library of Wales, said:
“We are constantly growing and developing our collections and this work has continued during the pandemic. We are delighted to be adding these exciting and valuable works to the National Art Collection, ensuring that our collections are as contemporary as possible. It is vitally important that the Library’s collections continually evolve in order to reflect a current and dynamic Wales and its diverse individuals, and what better way to do so that than by supporting young artists.” 

Emily Bartlett, Managing Director at The Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth (MOMA) stated:    
“We are delighted that the National Library of Wales shares our vision for supporting and recognising the valuable work being created by young artists in Wales, as indeed we are that these two exciting and remarkable works will now become part of the National Art Collection. We look forward to working with colleagues at the National Library to further develop this partnership, and its support for young Welsh artists, in future years.”

Morfudd Bevan, Art Curator at the National Library of Wales, said:
“This groundbreaking exhibition provides essential support for young Welsh artists at the outset of their careers. We are therefore extremely proud to be able to support the exhibition and the artists by annually purchasing works of art from the show into the Library’s National Art Collection.”

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Notes for Editors

Jasmine Sheckleford graduated in Fine Art from Carmarthen College of Art in 2020. As an artist she has always been influenced by mental health, identity and family and recently mental health has been a prominent factor in her work. Jasmine works with polaroid photographs using long and double exposure techniques, and then translates these photographs into cyanotypes to convey a sense of loss and degradation, while exploring themes of disconnection from herself, her family and everyday life.

Tomos Sparnon graduated in Fine Art from Swansea College of Art in 2018. Tomos' work explores what it is to be human. Through different media including painting, drawing and sculpture he explores man's relationship with his fellow human beings, his relationship with the world and the objects within it. He also explores man's relationship with himself and his relationship with God. His aim is to capture the conflict between the visible and the invisible, between reality and what is not real.

The Museum Of Modern Art, Machynlleth (MOMA, Machynlleth) is part of the Machynlleth Tabernacle Trust, established on 18th March 1986 as a charitable company limited by guarantee. Initially its activities were confined to promoting concerts in the newly refurbished former Wesleyan chapel, principally by means of an annual Festival starting in August 1987 and continuing every year since. At the same time The Trust started to build up a permanent collection of works of art and MOMA, Machynlleth (initially MOMA, Wales) was established in 1991. The trust has overseen several acquisitions, conversions and developments over the years, resulting in the current complex which includes a well- used auditorium and several high-quality gallery spaces. 

MOMA Machynlleth has the benefit of being part of year-round cultural activities alongside the exhibition programme including:

  • the annual Machynlleth Festival which celebrates traditional Welsh culture plus jazz, classical music and international artists.
  • cultural activities, independently promoted, including literature, Welsh and other language classes, art classes, lectures, public meetings and the Machynlleth Comedy Festival.

Full accreditation was received from MALD in January 2016 and exhibitions attract national and international interest, often featuring leading artists from Wales and works from the Tabernacle collection.