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On Friday 18 November, anyone visiting the National Library of Wales will experience something different. Instead of seeing the usual staff members, visitors will be greeted by the fresh faces of pupils from Ysgol Llwyn-yr-Eos, Aberystwyth, who will join the Library for Takeover Day this year.

The day is being organised by the Library’s Education Service as part of the wider Takeover Day scheme organised all over Britain by Kids in Museums charity. During this special day children and young people take over museums, galleries, historic homes, archives and heritage sites by taking responsibility for the duties that are normally undertaken by adults.

Whilst at the Library, the pupils will have a unique opportunity to help with tasks in public areas and behind the scenes, including managing the reception area, the shop and the Reading Room desk. The children will take part in security patrols, curate exhibitions, receive new items into the collections, and assist with repairing materials in the preventative conservation unit.

Rhodri Morgan, Education Service Manager at The National Library of Wales said:

"We are pleased to welcome Year 6 pupils from Ysgol Llwyn-yr-Eos to take responsibility for a number of the National Library's services as part of this year's Takeover Day. For a period some of Wales' greatest treasures will be in their care, and we’re hoping to provide the children with an unforgettable experience which will improve their understanding of the Library's various collections, and the important part it has to play in protecting the heritage of Wales for future generations."

Mr Steffan Davies, Deputy Head at Ysgol Llwyn-yr-Eos added: 

“This is an excellent opportunity for the children of Ysgol Llwyn-yr-Eos. It will give them an opportunity to experience the type of career opportunities there are for them in the future. It also will show them some of the fantastic things that are on offer in the National Library. We cannot wait to take part!”

Follow @NLWEducation on Twitter during the day to find out more about what the children get up to.

**Mae'r datganiad yma hefyd ar gael yn y Gymraeg**


Further Information:

Nia Wyn Dafydd

Additional notes for Editors

Takeover Day
Takeover Day began in 2010 and since then over 40,000 children have taken part nationwide and have had a unique chance to learn outside the classroom, develop new skills and discover what it’s like to work at a museum. For more information visit their webpage.

NLW Education Service
The NLW Education Service was established in 2002. Its main work is to:

  • Deliver a programme of educational activities and provisions that align with the requirements of the Curriculum for Wales.
  • Increase awareness among children and young people of the history, culture and heritage of Wales.
  • Facilitate access to information for learners and educators and assist them in making the most of our collections by interpreting information in the national collection.
  • Increase the Library’s presence, and awareness of the institution and its work, in various parts of Wales.
  • Assist NLW in delivering the strategic aims set out in A Library for Wales and the World, Our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan.
  • Produce high quality digital resources to be published on Hwb, the digital platform for learning and teaching in Wales.
  • Since 2007 The National Library of Wales Education Service has been taking the Library’s collections to schools and communities throughout Wales as part of its outreach programme. These outreach projects are developed in partnership with local authorities, schools and other organisations and individually tailored to meet the needs of those users, as well as assisting them to deliver the required skills and experiences of Curriculum for Wales.