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The National Library of Wales will celebrate Black History Month this year with a series of activities that celebrate the diversity of Wales.

This month will see the launch of a digital calendar - the Wales and the World Calendar - that highlights various cultural, religious, awareness and diversity events globally, that are relevant to Wales and items in the collections at the National Library.

As part of the Library’s response to Welsh Government’s Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan, the calendar will serve as a reference source to users within the Library and to the public. Events selected to be represented in the calendar have been chosen with caution and objectivity, using the Library’s collections as a guide to ensure balance, fairness and diversity.

The project brings to light what has been available but unexplored within the collections at the National Library and events are shown alongside relevant items from the collections.

Dr Owain Rhys Roberts, Director of Collections and Digital Services at the National Library of Wales said:

“The objective of creating a Wales that is more equal and inclusive is a critical one and guides our long-term plans as an organisation. Our activities during Black History month are examples of the work that takes place throughout the year in the Library in order to realise this important objective.”

Miidong P. Daloeng, Archives Decolonisation Project Officer at the National Library of Wales said:

"A society that embraces its diversity is bound to thrive in all spheres . The Anti-Racist Wales Action Plan which has been set into motion by the National Library of Wales through its various projects is exemplary and should be emulated, and shows that a society void of racism and segregation is attainable."

The Library will also celebrate Black History in Wales with an exhibition of items from collections, in the Peniarth exhibition space.

Curated by Miidong P. Daloeng, the Reflection exhibition aims to foster a better understanding of Black History by exploring the themes of music, arts, education, empire and campaigns, reflecting on and celebrating Black contributions to Welsh society and the World at large.

Highlights include brand new works of art that have been created as part of the Library’s ongoing work to decolonise its collections.

During the month, the Library will also hold two events in association with its work to decolonise the collections, details of which can be found on the Library’s website and the Riverside Gallery website.


** Mae’r datganiad yma hefyd ar gael yn Gymraeg **

For more information, requests for interview or media offers please contact:
Rhodri ap Dyfrig, Head of Marketing and Audiences, National Library of Wales / 07521 761762


About the National Library of Wales:

The National Library of Wales is one of the great libraries of the world. Located in Aberystwyth, it is the home of the story of Wales.

Opened in 1907, the Library is the centre of research into the culture and heritage of Wales and the Celtic nations.

The purpose of the Library is to make our culture and heritage accessible for everyone to learn, research and enjoy.

We are a legal deposit library, which means we are entitled to a copy of every print publication in Britain and Ireland, but our collections also include the following:

  • 7,000,000 feet of film
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You can search the collections online and can find further information along with a list of resources on the Library's website.