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The National Library of Wales, the University of Wales and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David have entered into a new Strategic Alliance in order to deliver impact and enhance collaborative opportunities across several areas to benefit Wales.

The Strategic Alliance will be announced during a special event at the National Eisteddfod on Thursday 10th August at the National Library stand at 1.30pm.

The work programme will focus on four major areas:  

  • Developing and Sharing the Skills of the Workforce;
  • Digital Innovation and Digital Infrastructure.
  • Curriculum and Educational Resources;
  • Developing Research and the Collections.

The partners are already collaborating on a series of research, education and engagement projects through the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, including such long term projects as the Dictionary of Welsh Biography and the innovative initiative to jointly publish A Repertory of Welsh Manuscripts and Scribes c. 800 – c 1800,  launched in 2022 at a special conference by First Minister Mark Drakeford.

The Chief Executive and Librarian of the National Library of Wales, Professor Pedr ap Llwyd FLSW, and the Vice-Chancellor of the Universities, Professor Medwin Hughes, CBE, DL, signed the Memorandum of Agreement between the institutions at a special meeting held at the UWTSD Lampeter campus in July. 

Ashok Ahir, President of the National Library of Wales said:

"Although there is a long history of the institutions working together particularly in the field of research, this new Strategic Alliance will ensure greater alignment of expertise, experience and resources so that our national institutions can address wider economic, research, educational, civic and societal issues."

The Venerable Randolph Thomas, Chair of the Universities, said:

"The Strategic Alliance has been developed within the framework of the Royal Charters and the governance structures of the institutions. As national institutions, we are determined to ensure that our core values are at the heart of our strategic planning and delivery."

Professor Pedr ap Llwyd said:

"This is the establishment of a close and hugely important relationship between two of Wales' leading institutions which share fundamental values and place equality, fairness, diversity and inclusivity of access and opportunity at the core of their vision, mission and strategies, prioritizing support for people of all backgrounds, experiences and circumstances and removing barriers to participation. We look forward to working closely with colleagues at the University  and for our collaboration to go from strength to strength. Together we can better serve the people of Wales."

Professor Medwin Hughes said:

"There is a clear strategic alignment between the core values of the institutions which offers a significant opportunity to build an exciting new sustainable partnership, whereby the National Library of Wales becomes a strategic partner of the confederal structure of the University of Wales."

Vice-Chancellor Designate, Professor Elwen Evans KC, said:

"I very much look forward to working with colleagues across the institutions to further develop our close collaboration. This Strategic Alliance will facilitate our institutions to realise our strategic objectives, by working on an innovative model for collaboration that also adds value in challenging economic times."


** Mae’r datganiad hwn hefyd ar gael yn y Gymraeg **

The National Library of Wales Media Contact:
Rhodri ap Dyfrig, Head of Marketing and Audiences / 07855362206

Notes to editor

  1. The Strategic Alliance has been developed within the framework of the Royal Charters and the governance structures of the institutions to facilitate their strategic aims through a specific work programme. This will be overseen by a Confederal Partnership Board consisting of members of the Universities’ Councils and National Library’s Board of Trustees as well as executive officers of the institutions.
  2. The Library is eager to develop its relationships with Higher Education organisations.
  3. The partnership will build on the excellent relationship that exists between the Library and the University of Wales’s Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies.
  4. The Strategic Alliance between UoW/USTD and NLW is overseen by the Confederal Partnership Board (with the Chair alternating between the institutions, the Chair of the University Council and the President of the National Library). This Board reports to the Councils of the institutions.
  5. The work programme is being developed and implemented by the Strategy Committee which consists of senior executives of both organisations. The work programme includes strategic initiatives in the following areas: sharing and developing workforce skills, digital innovation and infrastructure, development of research and collections, curriculum and education resources.
  6. NLW and UoW/UWTSD collaborate on a range of projects through the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, eg the Dictionary of Welsh Biography and the joint publication of the ground-breaking A Repertory of Welsh Manuscripts and Scribes c.800-c.1800 the magnum opus of Dr Daniel Huws, launched in 2022 by the First Minister, Mark Drakeford.