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In March 2017 the Library was successful in a sale of items from Lord Harlech's Glyn Cywarch estate. A number of important items were bought for our collections but one lot was bought with generous contributions from a number of new supporters who were keen to ensure that the estate's game books would be available to the public.

The National Library of Wales is proud of its status as a national institution and is conscious of the privilege and responsibility of receiving public patronage from the Welsh Government. The Glyn Cywarch sale was a wonderful example of public money attracting equivalent support from the public. To ensure that our collecting work is to continue effectively and our collections remain current, we will have to establish long term sustainable sources of income beyond our public grant. One way of doing this is our new Collections Fund.

Creating sustainable foundations and safeguarding our work in the future is key to the ethos of the Collections Fund. The money will be invested in order to earn income and it is this income which will be available to be spent on new items for the collections. Though the fund will be small to begin with the hope is that it will grow into a substantial resource to promote our collecting work.

A monthly gift of £20 for example can make a lasting contribution towards saving a collection from disappearing for ever and with Gift Aid that would be worth £25 to us.

By supporting the new Collections Fund you will be making a contribution that will last for generations and help us build for the future.

If you would like to support us by making a one-off gift or a regular donation by cheque please send to The Fundraising Office, National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3BU or contributing on-line is easy.

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