Kyffin: Framing the Future

The Library is home to a significant number of Kyffin Williams' most prominent paintings. As we celebrate Kyffin's life in 2018 safeguarding these and ensuring that they are correctly framed is part of the conservation process.

Not only does a frame protect a painting from damage, but it also affects the presentation of the finished work. Selecting the right frame for any work of art is a craft in itself. Kyffin had very definite ideas about how to frame his paintings, and by choosing the right conservation frame, we will honour the artist's vision.

The Framing the Future Campaign will fund this key conservation project to enable Kyffin's work to be cared for and appreciated by future generations.

Framing one art work will cost in the region of £2,000 and your generous support will allow us to do more of the work. Every contribution will make a real difference.

Your donation could help re-frame iconic paintings like these