Mumph Cartoons Fund

The National Library of Wales is to purchase a collection of original and iconic cartoons by illustrator Mal Humphreys, a visually recognizable collection which illustrates almost every important political event in Wales since the 1990s.
Mal Humphreys (Mumph) is known as one of Wales' most talented cartoonists. Since 1991 he has regularly contributed cartoons to The Independent and The Western Mail as well as The Welsh Mirror, Daily Post, Golwg, Y Fanner, Y Cymro and Lol. He has also produced works for television programmes on BBC1, BBC Wales, ITV a S4C. The National Library of Wales plans to purchase Mumph’s complete archive of over 3200 cartoons, along with their copyright.

The Library will use its new Mumph Cartoons Fund to assist in purchasing the Mumph archive. The Library aims to raise £ 25,000 in order to obtain the Mumph archive for these purposes. Any additional money would be of great help in beginning the work of cataloguing, interpreting and digitising the material.

We hope you will be able to help us in this venture and every contribution will make a real difference.