Distance Volunteering

Transcribing the Cardiganshire Great War Tribunal (Appeals) Records

Project background:


We need your support with an exciting new project that will make part of the First World War’s secret heritage which is held at The National Library of Wales accessible to the people of Wales and the world.

The project will focus on the Cardiganshire Great War Tribunals (Appeals) Records. These were the tribunals that dealt with appeals against conscription to the armed forces on personal, economic, moral or religious grounds.

In 1921, the Government ordered that all tribunal records should be destroyed; nevertheless the Cardiganshire records survived. Now the archive is completely unique in Wales, and one of the few of its kind that exists in the United Kingdom.

We are inviting volunteers to use an online resource, recently developed by NLW, to transcribe and index the records so that they can be searched by name, address, date, etc. 


Go to:          crowd.library.wales


This project will enable NLW staff to index the records while making them digitally accessible, thereby allowing readers to search the collection using the recorded information.


Location:  The task can be completed from your home, or at any other location with Wi-fi access.


Main tasks:

  • Accessing the website to view the digitised images;
  • Transcribing key data from the records into preformatted fields.




  • IT skills;
  • The ability to follow online guidelines;
  • Attention to detail and methodical.



  • An interest in Welsh history and culture.


An opportunity to develop:

  • IT skills;
  • Organisational skills;
  • Experience to enhance your CV.


Time and commitment:   At your convenience.