Do I have to be logged in to request items?

You must be logged in to request items to be viewed in the Reading Room.

How to login:

  • Click on the sign in button above the right corner of the search box on any page
  • Click on the Sign in icon in the red banner on any page

You don't have to sign in before searching, but it can be helpful as you won't have to re-select any volumes etc which you may have already selected on the item record.

I've found the item I want, how do I request it?

Click on the title of the item, and you'll see a pop up wich is the item record.

You'll see a heading called Request. If you haven't logged in, you'll see a red strip - click on this to log in (you must be logged in to request items).

If you have logged in, you'll see a Request button - click on this, and fill in the request form as required, then click on the red Request button to send. 

*Please note that a link to 'Check Delivery Times' appears at the top of the last box, and this will give details of when your item is likely to be available. Please note that items are not delivered on Saturdays and should be requested in accordance with the details on that page.

Can I request multiple items at the same time?

No, you must request each item individually. 

How can I view a list of my requests?

Click on your name in the top right ocrner of any page on the Catalogue, and select My Requests. You will then see a list of your requests.

Please note that all requests for archives and manuscripts (except for wills and marriage bonds) are processed through NLW Archives and Manuscripts, and will not appear in the request list on the main Catalogue. To see your ARchives and Manuscripts reuqest, you must go to NLW Archives and Manuscripts.

I know an item is in the Library but can't find it, what do I do?

If you're aware that a certain item is in the collection, but cannot find it on the Catalogue, you can use this form to make a non-Catalogue request.