Things I Used to be Able to do on ISYS

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In ISYS I could see the records before and after my keyword results, how do I do it now?

This is still possible.

ISYS would allow you to open one collection at a time, and would highlight your search term within the records for that collection, allowing you to read the records before and after your search term.

Make a search in NLW Archives and Manuscripts and select the collection you wish to open (as you would in ISYS), but rather than having a long list of records, it will open the record including your search result, with an archival tree on the left.

This archival tree allows you to open all the records for that collection and read the descriptions. So rather than one long list of records as you had in ISYS, you can now see where your relevant records sit within a collection, and how each one relates to another, which gives you greater context for your results.

Please see the How do I use the archival tree in NLW Archives and Manuscripts (Under Archives and Manuscripts above) for more details on using the archival tree.

The Annual Reports used to be searchable through ISYS, how do I search them now?

You can search for NLW Annual Reports 1909-2000 on our Archives and Manuscripts: Annual Reports page.

I used to search for Marriage Bonds through ISYS, how do I search them now?

You can search the marriage bonds collection through our designated Marriage Bonds search form.

Marriage bonds can only be searched from the Catalogue, and are NOT available in NLW Archives and Manuscripts

  • How do I find the 'call no'?

The 'call no' will be shown in brackets at the end of the text 'Available at' (to the right of the green dot) in the record for each bond.

  • What tips do you have to search for marriage bonds?

If you know the full name you're looking for, place the name in the search box with '' " around it. The results will only show records containing the full name. If you search for a full name without '' " it will show all results containing either name eg if you search for Mary Jones it will show every Mary, every Jones and every Mary Jones.

If you have a full name and place, use the Advanced Search (link to the right of the search button. Place the name in '' " in the first box and the place in '' " in the second box.

If you have a general date for the bond, you can refine your search results under 'Creation Date' in the left column (remember to click on the Search button and your results will update).