What Can I Search?

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What can I search from the main Catalogue?

On the main Catalogue you can limit your searches to these main collections:

  • In the Library: NLW collections, and resources we subscribe to
  • Digitised Items: NLW collections which have been digitised
  • All Categories: Search all the other listed collections combined
  • Electronic Legal Deposit: Search across all electronic publications (books, journals etc) published in the UK and collected through Legal Deposit
  • Sound and Moving Image: NLW's sound and moving images collections
  • Wills: NLW's will collection
  • Marriage Bonds: NLW's marriage bonds collection
  • Ballads: 4,000 digitised ballads from NLW and Cardiff University
  • Welsh Theses Collection: 50,000 postgraduate theses/dissertations presented at Higher Education institutions in Wales

Library Resources

Do you have more specific searchable resources, other than the Catalogue?

The Library Resources page offers a full list of all the websites/catalogues/forms available to search our collections. 

This is a long list, and includes some well known websites search as Welsh Newspapers Online, and other less well known once such as Welsh Poetry in Manuscripts.

It also includes bespoke search forms to search some specific collections eg wills, marriage bonds.

NLW Archives and Manuscripts

What is the best way to search from The National Library of Wales' Archives and Manuscripts?

NLW Archives and Manuscripts is a Catalogue specifically to search these collections. It allows you to view the archival tree for each collection, and request the material to view in the Reading Room.

You can also search these collections from the main Catalogue, but you may need to filter your results to view only archive and manuscripts, depending on your search term. You will be directed to the NLW Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue to request items.

External Resources

What External Resources can I use?

For further details on what you can access before and after registering, please see our What Can I Access page.

View our External Resources page for a full list of the External Resources the Library subscribes to.

Why can't I access External Resources if I live outside Wales?

The scheme is funded by the Welsh Government, and therefore to access this material you must have an address in Wales or a Welsh postcode.