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1. Estate and other records

Bettisfields Estate Records

Bettisfield Estate Records 1685
A WRIT served on Jacques de Gournay by M. Gourlais and M. Doublet, dancing and music masters for lessons given to Lady Hanmer and her daughter. 6 Dec. 1646. [French. Copy]

Brogyntyn Estate and Family Records

Clenennau Letters and Papers 752
William Owen, at Llanddyn, to his daughter, Jany, (Jane Owen in London), 5th January 1669/70.
The recipient’s mother, brothers and sisters are all well. The writer’s last letter concerning what she is to learn in school was misunderstood. He meant only to learn what the school teaches for her needle and other works which she is to look after, for she will grow too old to learn hereafter. Therefore, she is to make the best use of her time. As for her music, he did not mean her to burden herself with diversity of music, but only to keep herself to the virginal and to practice her hand with the viol, which is all he desires at present.

Brogyntyn MS, I.27 [Restricted access]
Digital Copy of Brogyntyn MS, I.27 available
Brogyntyn Lute Book.  A volume, [c. 1595], containing some forty-nine pieces of lute music in an unidentified hand, the song titles originally written in a cypher alphabet but these mainly later erased and transliterated (pp. 7, 13-32, 125-136).
Amongst the poetry contained in this volume are two collections of music arranged for the lute.  The first collection contains Pavanes, Gaillards, Passemeasures, and an Eccho for 2 Lutes by Mr Francis Pilkington, Bachelor of Music (1595), and Mr Drewries accord for 2 lutes.  The second collection consists of lute accompaniments to songs, such as ‘In terror’s trappe’, ‘when woemen first Dame Nature wrought’, ‘To winne renowne’, ‘I sighe to see’, ‘Mistrust mideems amisse’, etc.

A detailed list of the contents of Brogyntyn MS, I.27 is available.

Brogyntyn Estate and Family Records, N3/1
Misc. bonds, etc. Includes a bond for payment of £10 by Maurice Reynald, a musician of Llanycil, to Rowland Jones, clothworker of London, 1676.

Brogyntyn Estate and Family Records, PEC5
Correspondence to Mary Owen, many letters show her interest in music.

Brogyntyn Estate and Family Records, PEC5/4
Letters to Mary Owen (Correspondents Go- contd.), including from her brother, Francis Godolphin, which include a description of Handel at Oxford, 1733, (see below), a tour of Europe, 1736-1738, and the death of Henry Egerton, bishop of Hereford, 1746.
1 May 1733. Francis Godolphin to Mary Owen (PEC5/4/10)
..they talk of nothing at Oxford but a Publick Act, which Mr Handel is to Celebrate with two Oratorios and a very fine new Composition of Musick, but yet does not take his Degree but will assist anybody else.
26 June 1737.  Francis Godolphin to Mary Owen (PEC5/4/19)
...send me word how you like Farinelli for I take it for granted you have been at an opera...

Brogyntyn Estate and Family Records, PEC5/10
Letters to Mary Owen (Correspondents L. Owen to W. Owen.)
Includes letters from Lewis Owen describing a disinterment and Farinelli’s popularity [1734x1746]; and Robert Godolphin Owen, 1751-1752, on the execution of Mary Blandy and life at Oxford University, where one of the highlights was a commemoration ceremony celebrated with a performance of Handel, 1752.
7 July 1752.  R.G. Owen to Mary Owen (PEC5/10/60).
On Wednesday The Messiah an Oratorio was perform’d in the Musick Room.  On Thursday Morning was perform’d in the same Place Acis and Galatea, at two in the Evening...On Friday was Performd in the Musick Room Israel in Egypt an Oratorio; There was a vast Deal of Company Present; it lasted 4 Hours.

Brogyntyn Estate and Family Records, PQK1/12
Notebook in the hand of Margaret Owen of Penrhos, inscribed ‘the Gift of Henry Thrale, Esqr. Streatham’, containing mainly anecdotes concerning Mrs Thrale, Samuel Johnson, Samuel Pepys, Albert Nesbitt, Charles Burney, Oliver Goldsmith, Handel and others, 1776.

Brogyntyn Estate and Family Records, PQJ2/1
Music manuals, programmes and scores. Printed extract from The Harpsichord Illustrated and Improv’d giving instructions on technique with short pieces of music for playing [1731]; manuscript notes on concords and discords; printed poster showing the words of an anthem performed by Welsh children at a charity concert in London, 1775; programmes and a report on Lady Harlech’s concerts at Oswestry, 1880, 1888; part of a country dance score [18th cent] and a vocal score of ‘Creatures of Impulse’ by E. de Valmeny.

Bunsen and Waddington Letters

Bunsen and Waddington Letters

Many refs (first quarter 19th cent.) to earlier music, partic. Palestrina.

Bute Estate Records

Bute Main series of Correspondence, L47/1-51
Includes... printed programmes of music performed at Divine Service for the judges of the Great Sessions, Aug. 1798 (L47/43)

Chirk Castle Estate Records

Chirk Castle Deeds, Documents and Rentals, F 6368
1638, July 11
1.   The Lord Bishop of St. Asaph;
2.   Sir Thomas Middleton at Chirke Castle.
Letter, 11 July 1638, from The Lord Bishop of St. Asaph to Sir Thomas Middleton at Chirke Castle, relating to a complaint made to the Archbishop of Canterbury by William Deane, organist to the archbishop, that Sir Thomas Middleton had not paid him for composing certain music.

Chirk Castle Deeds, Documents and Rentals, F 12743
A bundle of manuscript music and copies of tunes, etc. n.d.

Chirk Castle Correspondence, E 2974
Lichfield. Job EVANS to [Joseph] Lovett, 21 June 1766. Music tuition for William Lovett.

Chirk Castle Correspondence, E 2966
Lichfild. Job. EVANS to Joseph Lovett, 26 July 1766. Recommending Dr. Alcock as a music tutor.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2961
Lichfield. William LOVET to [Joseph] Lovet, 13 August 1766. Music studies.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2960
Lichfield. William LOVET to [Joseph] Lovet, 20 August 1766. Music studies.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2954
Lichfield. William LOVETT to Joseph Lovett, 10 September 1966. The delivery of a harpsichord.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2949
Lichfield. William LOVETT to [Joseph] Lovett, 18 October 1766. Music studies.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2944
[Lichfield], [Dr.] John ALCOCK to [Joseph] Lovett, 29 October 1766. William Lovett’s music studies.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2938
1766, Nov. 8
Lichfield. William LOVETT to [Joseph] Lovett, 8 November 1766. Music studies.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2937
Lichfield], [Dr.] John ALCOCK to [Joseph] Lovett 8 November 1766. William Lovett’s progress at music.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2933
Lichfield. William LOVETT to [Joseph] Lovett, 29 November 1766. Life as a music student at Lichfield.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2932
Lichfield], [Dr.] John ALCOCK to [Joseph] Lovett, 29 November 1766. William Lovett’s music tuition.

Chirk Castle Correspondence E 2931
Lichfield. William LOVET to [Joseph] Lovett, 14 December 1766. Music.

Dolaucothi Estate Records

Dolaucothi correspondence V4/17
Miss M. TUDER MORGAN to Mrs. JOHNES. Thanks for payment of a bill, 5 October 1773. [Endorsed: ‘... Miss Johnes’ board, music, etc.,’]

Dolaucothi correspondence V16/47
Letter by Thomas Johnes to his cousin and brother-in-law brother John Johnes [?1795]. The sale of the effects of Glanbrane and writer’s wish to have manuscripts of Welsh music collected by Mr. Gwynne.

Esgair and Pantperthog

Esgair and Pantperthog group, MS.13
A volume containing the words and music of songs, duets, and trios by Stephen Storace, Charles Dibdin, James Hook, Thomas Attwood, William Shield, Dussek, Pleyel, and other composers of the late eighteenth century, together with a few reels, strathpeys, etc. Handel and Dr Arne are also represented. The cover bears the signature 'Sarah Machin, 1798'. [English; Italian. Late XVIII cent.]

Glansevern Estate Records

Glansevern – Misc. Vols. 14603
1761 -
Music book of William Hinton, chandler of Cricklade.

Glansevin Estate Records

Glansevin Manuscript Volumes 5
Account book, 1793-1802 of the Glansevin estate, recording payments to workmen and servants, and to Mr. John Eckly for music lessons and tuning the piano forte, agreements between Morgan Pryse Lloyd and his tenants and workmen, household and farming accounts, rentals, etc.

Glynne of Hawarden Estate Records

Glynne of Hawarden Family Papers and Documents 5957
Academy of Ancient Music. Motets, madrigals and other pieces, to be performed on Thursday, 29 March 1750. Printed (London: 1750.)

D.T.M. Jones (Solicitors) Records

D.T.M. Jones 680

Tho[ma]s Williams, gent., and Henrietta Williams, spinster, one of his daughters, both of Talgarth, co. Brecknock

Roger Jones of Talgarth aforesaid, gent.

[Blank] and [blank]

Settlement [previous to the marriage of the said Roger Jones and Henrietta Williams], 1764 of all the plate, rings, watches, jewels, clocks, harpsichord, music books, china ware, household goods and furniture in the dwelling- house of the said Tho[ma]s Williams at Talgarth, with covenant for the maintenance of the said Thomas Williams.

Lewis (Llanrhystud) Manuscripts

The tune book of David John Lewis, otherwise David Jones, Tymawr, Llanrhystyd, 1777, containing psalm-tunes and hymn-tunes from various sources, including works by John Jeffreys and David Hughes ['Cristiolus Môn'].

Music manuscript belonging to John Richard, Black Lion Inn, Llanrhystyd, 1777, given to David Lewis, Hen Dy Mawr, Llanrhystyd, by Anne Lewis, Black Lion, 6 Oct. 1893.  Contains hymn-tunes and anthems from various sources including some from "Llyfr Canu James Jenkins, Siams y Gof, Cilcwm, Llangwyryfon," a well-known seventeenth century musician and an ancestor of David Lewis.

The 'musick Book' of Samuel Paige, 1799. Contains psalms, hymn-tunes, anthems, choruses from the oratorio The Messiah, etc.

A notebook containing extracts from works on psalmody and on the rudiments of music by Thomas Harry, 1758, with additional hymn-tunes, verses, and draft letters by William Williams, 1760.

Mynde Estate Records

Mynde 2462-77
LETTERS, 2 September 1797- 28 December 1798 from Thomas Harvey, Ross, to Thomas Symons in London Bristol and Bath, concerning estate matters and... suggested subscription to the Music Meeting (local society).

Ormathwaite Estate Records

Further Burton Purchases, C 95/1-9
DEEDS relating to a parcel of land called The Three Acres, p. GLADESTRY, including probate of wills of John Prosser of Gladestry, yeoman, 1791 (C 95/3) and of his son John Prosser of the same, yeoman, 1817 (C 95/4) (includes a bequest of his violin, music books, dictionary and sundial). Purchased by Sir John Walsh from John Lewis of Llanpaca, yeoman, and others for £340 on 21 Dec. 1857.

Pitchford Hall (Ottley) Papers

Ottley (Pitchford Hall) Correspondence, 1787
Letter from Brown Willis at Mr Hardings a booksellers in St Martins Lane on the pavement, Westminster, to the Bishop of St Davids at Counde, 22 December 1719.
He will spend his time more agreeably in Town if the recipient should come. Since he came to town, he has purchased a manuscript containing several things concerning the recipient’s ‘metropolitical’ church. It seems to have been written in Queen Elizabeth’s time by one Thomas Tomkins, organist of St Davids.  The writer gives lengthy extracts from this manuscript, consisting of fairly detailed notes on a number of the bishops of St Davids, from Henry Gower to Anthony Rudde. He is not well and may not live to publish ‘it’ [? the manuscript referred to; ? a revised edition of the survey of St Davids], and so imparts to the recipient what comes to his hand.  The following week he proposes to go to Lambeth and see the papers of the usurper of the recipient’s privileges.

Ottley (Pitchford Hall) Correspondence, 2616
Ad[am] Ottley at Tavestock street [London] to MRS OTTLEY at Pitchford, 10 June 1725. His business lies before Mr Lutwyche in order to be speeded, but he cannot expect a hearing whilst he stays. The previous night he saw Tomy, and then went with his cousin Baldwyn to Mr Robinson’s music meeting where they were agreeably entertained. They hear that the King has arrived safe in Holland.

Ottley (Pitchford Hall) Correspondence, 2785
AD[AM] OTTLEY at Mr Baldwyn’s at St James’s place [London] to MRS OTTLEY at Pitchford, 13 February 1727/8. This day he was at the rehearsal of the music prepared for the ‘Feast of the Sons of the Clergy’ at St Pauls. The Town is in mourning; details of what is being worn.

Powis Castle Estate Records

Powis Castle Estate and family correspondence, 22078
Letters by Cuthbert Hely of Ludlow to Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury concerning a legal case, his lordship’s suit in the name of Roger Reignolds against [William] Draper and [Edward] Purcell., about the title to a close at Blackmore head in Brownlow, co. Salop. (see Nos, 9434-44.); and a note of disbursements by Cuthbert Hely in connection with the legal proceedings.

Powis Castle Estate and family correspondence, 9445-8
The cause against [William] Draper and [Edward] Purcell concerning title to a close at Blackmore head in Brownlow, co. Salop. (see Nos, 9434-44.); and a note of disbursements by Cuthbert Hely in connection with the legal proceedings.

Puleston Family Records

Puleston, 491
ACCOUNT of the music belonging to Anne Parry Price, 9 September 1794.

Tredegar Estate Records

Tredegar Deeds and Documents, 86/17
Programme, 3 June 1784, of a performance of Handel’s music at a concert held in commemoration of Handel in Westminster Abbey. Printed. [This is the concert which Sir WWW helped to promote]

Wigfair Estate Records

Wigfair Deeds and Documents, 1495
1691/2, March 21.
Declaration, 21 March 1691/2, by Edward Lloyd of London, Esq. that half of a sum of £250 invested by him in an undertaking ‘for carrying on the ‘new Invention of makeing, dressing, and lustrateing of alamode Renforcez and Lutestrings’, was the property of Elizabeth Clowdesley of London, widow.

Wynnstay Estate Records (1952 deposit)

Letters to Samuel Sidebotham EH2/6 (Box 76)
1 bundle (41 items) including letters, 1783-1789, 1801 to Samuel Sidebotham from Sir Watkin Williams Wynn and Lady Charlotte Williams Wynn, 1783-1789. Includes ......the end of the musical career of David Parry, 1788; the selection of a new organist for Wrexham, 1788...

A series of general bills and receipts (ref. EH3) reflect the baronet’s indulgence of his cultural interests at Wynnstay and in London, and include bills from high-quality artists, craftsmen, musicians and London tradesmen....including:

File, Bills and receipts (personal, household, estate) EH3/2 (Box 78)
Bills and receipts for personal, household and estate expenditure, mainly 1770-1783, with two earlier bills for work in Llwydiarth Park, 1746. Expenses....notable names include musician David Parry, 1771.... Douglas Hamilton for portraits, 1772...

File, Bills and receipts for arts and architecture EH3/5 (Box 78)
Bills and autograph receipts for.....and an organ by John Snetzler, 1775.

File, Bills and receipts (personal, household and estate) EH3/6 (Box 78)
Bills and receipts for personal, household and estate expenditure, 1770-1782, including the transport of an organ from Chester, 1770....violinist Charles Linton, 1772, and musician Stephen Paxton, 1773...

*A series of household account books (EH4) of Wynnstay and the London town houses occupied by the Williams Wynn family, eleven in total....contain general household accounts, systematically organised into sections for sundry disbursements, pictures, Master Williams Wynn, charities, music, house rent, taxes and repairs, cellar, stable, servants’ livery, servants’ bills and travelling expenses, servant’s wages, housekeeper, kitchens, cash receipts and balance. From 1775, the house in St James’s Square is added......These account books reveal the fourth baronet’s interests and lavish lifestyle, listing payments to artists, craftsmen, entertainments, musicians, societies, and charities.......  Recurrent payments to individuals include the artist Paul Sandby, 1770-1773, sculptor Joseph Nollekens, 1772-1774, various music sellers, the musicians Charles Linton, 1771-1773, David Parry, 1770-1777, [Richard] Hay, 1773-1780, and [Stephen] Paxton, 1770-1777, Jeremiah and William Parkinson, 1774-1780, theatre scene painter George Wilkinson, 1774-1777, potters Wedgwood and Bentley, 1771-1775, and others.

Household and birthday account book EH4/2 (Box 78)
Account book recording expenses for the household and Sir Watkin Williams Wynn’s extravagant birthday party, 1770. Also includes transport of the new organ to Ruabon church and payments to Guadagni and Mr Paxton.

Household account book EH4/3 (Box 78)
Account book recording household expenses, 1771. Includes payments to John Snetzler for the Ruabon organ and a ‘bureau’ organ, and Sir Watkin William Wynn’s wedding fees. As well as the artists and musicians mentioned above*, payees include Nathaniel Dance, Richard Wilson, Guadagni, Giardini and Joseph Kelway.

Household account book EH4/4 (Box 78)
Account book recording household expenses, 1772. As well as the artists and musicians mentioned above*, payments were made for architect James Gandon, the presentation of Sir Watkin and Lady Williams Wynn at court, paintings by Clerisseau and Douglas Hamilton, and a performance by Celestini.

Household account book EH4/5 (Box 78)
Account book recording household expenses, 1773. Includes payments  for Pompeo Batoni’s portrait of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, items for Wynnstay chapel, the play account, the artists named in the series description*, pictures by Rembrandt, Cuyp, Vernet, Clerisseau, etc. purchased at Christie’s, composers Baumgarten and Giardini, as well as the regular musicians named above, a pony for [David] Garrick, and the mayor’s feast at Chester.

Household account book EH4/6 (Box 78)
Account book recording household expenses, 1774-1775. Includes expenses for Montgomeryshire election, the Mayor of Chester’s expenses, and the funeral of Master William Watkin Williams Wynn. As well as the usual musicians named in the series description*, there are payments for the purchase of music by Handel.

Household account book EH4/7 (Box 78)
Account book recording household expenses, 1775-1776. Includes payments for paintings by Cuyp and Clerisseau, the fire engine, musicians including Mr Sykes, Noferi, Mr Meredith, and musicians for celebrating completion of the house in St James’s Square and the masquerade at Wynnstay.

Household account book EH4/8 (Box 78)
Account book recording household expenses, 1776.  Includes payments for printing Montgomery election material and play bills, a water closet for Wynnstay, artist Mr Gardener, cleaning a Murillo picture, and Mr Meredith as well as the musicians named in the series description*. [Previous NLW reference 115/8]

Household account book EH4/9 (Box 78)
Account book recording household expenses, 1777-1778. Includes payments for a ticket to [J.C.] Bach’s concert, ........John Snetzler for tuning the organ, equipment for the fire engine, and Mr Meredith, Mr Lindley, and Mr Randles, as well as the usual musicians named in the series description*.

Household account book EH4/10 (Box 79)
Account book entitled ‘The Separated Accounts’ recording household expenses similar to the preceding ones but containing additional sections at Doctor [William] Boyce’s sale, 1779, music copyist Dorian, musicians including Mr Wilcox, Mr Randall, and Clarke, organist at Covent Garden, tickets for a concert by [J.C.] Bach and [Karl] Abel, 1780, and charity to the widow of [Thomas] Arne, 1781.
Note: This volume was previously described in the NLW catalogue as ‘Domestic Accounts (London)’.

Inventory of household furniture and linen at Wynnstay EH5/4 (Box 82)
Inventory of household furniture at Wynnstay, taken in February 1790; significant items include a model and elevations of Wynnstay by [James] Wyatt, contents of the chapel, an organ and harpsichord...and the contents of Ruabon church organ gallery…

2. Manuscripts Collection

Cwrtmawr Music MSS [Restricted access]

Several late 18th – early 19th cent. psalm tunes. Of interest:

Cwrtmawr Music Ms. 6
A small pocket-book containing psalm tunes, hymn tunes, and popular 18th century dances. Originally in the possession of William Evans (1787) and Richard Hocknill, late ‘Fighting Cocks’, Oswestry.  The tunes include ‘Airs for the Nativity’, numerous hymn tunes, ‘The Merionethshire March’, ‘Hobo’r Nob’, ‘The Oswestry March by J. M.’ and country dance tunes with instructions as to movements. [English]
[Formerly Cwrtmawr MS 262]

Cwrt Mawr Music Ms. 9
The tune book of Evan Evans, [Er]rwddu, Darowen, 1796, containing anthems by J. Williams (Dolgellau) and Robert Griffiths (Caernarfon) and dance tunes such as ‘The Craftsman’. [English and Welsh]

Cwrt Mawr Music Ms. 11
A book of psalm tunes, dated 1796, containing tunes by J. Williams (Dolgellau) William Wilson, David Harris (Carno), Robert Griffith, and Lewis Morris. [Welsh]

Cwrt Mawr Music Ms. 15
A collection of 18th century dances, and tunes including ‘The Princess Royal’, ‘Lottery’, ‘Pump Room’, ‘Sir Watkin Williams Delight’, ‘Cheshire Round’, ‘Prince Eugene’s March’, ‘Two Arms’, ‘Why did you promise to marry me’, and other tunes. [English]

NLW MSS (National Library of Wales Manuscript series)

Page 85 of this volume contains ‘The Irish Trot, or Fingaul Jig’, said to have been performed before the King in Whitehall in 1684.

NLW ADD. MS 151C (Williams MS 356)
A volume containing the two parts of Arcangelo Corelli’s Harpischord Sonatas, together with the Italian dedication, neatly copied from the original edition of 1700.  Parte Prima Sonate a Violino a Violoncello o Clauicimbalo. da Arcangelo Corelli da Fusignano. Opera Quinta. On the fly leaf are two extracts from Hawkins History of Music and Burney’s History, dealing with Corelli. The volume was formerly the property Paul Panton. 18th century.  Italian and English.

See CELYNOG MANUSCRIPTS (NLW MSS) Many settings of psalms – full list in ISYS Music MSS

A music book in the autograph of Hugh Morris, containing the ‘bassus’ to several psalm-tunes. [English. XVIII cent.]

A music book containing ‘tenor’ and ‘bass’ parts to psalm-tunes and ‘proper tunes’, and ‘grounds to the psalms’. [English. XVIII cent.]

Psalm-tunes and anthems in four-part harmony, including a transcript of Symon’s Grand Gloria Patri, and ‘A Scale of all ye Natural Notes, for ye Garman flute’. [English; Welsh. XVIII cent.]

Psalm-tunes in four-part harmony. [English. XVIII cent.]

Tracts on music. ‘The Construction of Harmony, or, the Syntax of Musical Sounds’, written by David Harris, Carno, together with extracts made by him from printed works on music. [English. XVIII cent.]

Miscellaneous compositions and notes by David Harris, Carno. [Welsh; English. XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 1934C
A collection of harpsichord pieces, including four dance tunes entitled ‘Sir Charles Bingham’s Minuet, Lady Coventry’s March, Lady Berkeley’s Whim, and General Leslie’s March, and harpsichord suites by Handel, Boyce, Scarlatti, Geminiani, and Kelway. 18th century.  [English]

NLW MS 1935C
The Music Book of Mr. H. Brown, commoner of Brazenose College, containing 18th century Marches and Dance tunes arranged for a Bb Clarinet, and a selection of songs from Storace’s ‘No song, so supper’, Shield’s ‘The Woodman’, and other popular operas of the late 18th century.

NLW MS 2866A
Hymn- and psalm-tunes, etc., some of them with Welsh and English words. [XVIII cent.]

Poems by John Donne, Francis Beaumont, [Aurelian] Townsend, William Congreve, and others, including ‘Pindarick Ode. To the worthy & generous Patriot Henry Herbert Esqe uppon his happy & victorious Return to England’, ‘Prologue To Mr Congreve’s New Comedy call’d The way of the World’, and a poem beginning ‘First the sweet Speaker Will: Williams I saw’, and a few songs set to music. Some of the poems may be in the autograph of members of the Herbert family. [English; Latin; Greek; French. XVII XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 5247C
A facsimile of the William Penllyn MS (BM Add. MS 14,905), circa 1630, containing harp music in the 24 measures in a tablature used for 16th and 17th century organ music.  The MS is printed in full in the ‘Myvyrian Archaeology’. [17th century. Welsh]

NLW MS 6663C
Miscellanea relating to Welsh music, etc..
A letter, September 18, 1789, from Edward Darell, London, to ---, beginning ‘It is very true that Genl. Fitzwiliam has left a very large fortune to Tom Jones his harper   he took him from Holywell a ragged boy about 12 yrs old playing at an Alehouse door, about 26 yr ago ….’; ‘Penillion a gyfansoddwyd gan Mrs. M. Jones, Berthen Gron, Towyn, ar gyfer Priodas E. D. Ellis a Jennie Davies, George Street, Llanrwst, Tachwedd 29ain 1888’; a letter, March 14, 1904, from William Williams, solicitor, Cardiff, to William Morgan (‘Penfro’), relating mainly to Welsh hymn tunes, etc. [English; Welsh. XVIII XX cent.]

NLW MS 6731A
‘William Williams his Singing Book 1774...’, being a copy of The Gamut, or Scale of Music, Very necessary to be learnt by Those, who would attain to the delightful Knowledge of Psalmody to which psalms and anthems have been added in manuscript. [English; Welsh. XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 7398B (CROESOR 44.)
A commonplace book belonging to Rowland Eames, Penrhyndeudraeth, 1776 81, and containing notes on arithmetic, accounts, recipes, ‘cerddi’ and ‘carolau’, hymns, precedents of legal documents, music, night school memoranda, a highway account for Llanfrothen, 1790, etc. [Welsh; English. XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 9143E
A volume of trio parts for violin, viola, and violoncello by Beethoven, Mozart, Boccherini, and others, partly in manuscript and partly printed. [XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 10894B
A volume of music containing two services and three chants in the hand of the composer, Joseph Pring (1776-1842), who was organist of Bangor Cathedral from 1793 until his death. The two chants were written in 1791 and 1793. The title-page and index suggest that the last folio, containing eight chants, is wanting. The volume was once in the possession of Dr. A. H. Mann (1850-1929) of King’s Field, Cambridge, and a note by him on the composer and on the volume appears on the fly-leaf. [English. XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 10918A (VERNEY 1.)
A collection of vocal music, with accompaniment for the guitar, by various composers, from an edition printed at Naples by Luigi Marescalchi. The volume bears the name of Caroline Calvert, 1799, and pasted inside the upper cover is the bookplate of Harry Verney. [Italian. XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 10922B (VERNEY 5.)
A collection of arias and duets by various composers (‘Ariette a duettini di vari autori’). The volume bears the name of Caroline Calvert, June, 1799, and pasted inside the upper cover is the bookplate of Harry Verney. [Italian. XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 10929D (VERNEY 12.)
A volume of transcripts of music arranged for the pianoforte. Among them is an aria from the opera ‘Flavio’, and another from the opera ‘Sosarme’, both by Handel. The volume bears the name of ‘Mary Nicolson 1732’ and the bookplate of Harry Verney. Italian. [XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 10930B (VERNEY 13.)
A volume of manuscript and printed vocal music, the latter being arranged for the guitar and/or German flute(s). The songs have been mounted into the volume by stitching or pinning. [English; French. XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 11002B
A volume containing two dance tunes (‘Tom Jones’ and ‘The Alcove’) in a late eighteenth century hand. Written on the fly-leaf, in a late seventeenth century hand, is a stanza (‘O greatnes couldst thou not thy self contayne …‘). The manuscript is bound in brown calf, and emblazoned on the entire surface of the lower and upper covers respectively are the achievement of the family of Harcourt (gu., 2 bars or, a fleur-de-lis of the second in sinister chief for difference), and a slightly defaced achievement (quarterly of 17; in the first, Harcourt arms). [English. XVII-XVIII cent.]

NLW MS 11420E (PANDY 65.)
Notes on Gunter Papers, etc. ‘Notes of old Papers found under the Floor of the Attic at the Parrot Inn, Cross Street, Abergavenny, January 1908’.... includes fragments of seventeenth and early eighteenth-century letters, legal papers, accounts, music, and poetry; and references to letters addressed to Mrs. Bellamy who ‘apparently lived in this house in the early forties’.

NLW MS 12393D (EVAN D. JONES 5.)
A composite volume containing John Parry (‘Y Telynor Dall’; 1710?-82): Antient British Music … (London, 1742), A Collection of Welsh, English & Scotch Airs … (London [1752]), and British Harmony … (London, 1781), and a manuscript of John Parry containing arias, minuets, overtures, concertos, Welsh airs, etc., partly with variations by John Parry himself and by Evan Williams [bookseller, London]. The latter collection belonged in 1804 to Lewis Roberts (‘Eos Twrog’), and was presented on 3 July 1882 by John Roberts (‘Welsh Harper’) [‘Telynor Cymru’], Dolgelley, to N[ icholas] Bennett, Glanyrafon, Trefeglwys. The printed sections of the volume likewise belonged to Nicholas Bennett, who has added copious manuscript annotations. Also bound or pasted down in the volume are a note on provenance by E[van] D. J[ones], [19]07; a comment by Carl Engel on Antient British Music …; an invoice from Bernard Quaritch, London, to N. Bennett, 1888, for Antient British Music . . .; a portrait of John Parry; a list by Mary Davies, 1911, of ‘Names of tunes written in a copy of Ancient British Music … 1742 belonging to R. Morris now in British Museum in Addit. MSS. 14939’; critical observations by D. Emlyn Evans on individual songs in Antient British Music …; and holograph letters from D. Emlyn Evans, Cemmes, Mont., to Mr. Lewis [L. W. Lewis, ‘Llew Llwyfo’], [19]07, from Lady Llanover, Llanover, Abergavenny, to the Reverend J. Harmer, 1888, and from Joseph Joseph, F.S.A., Brecon, to  [    ], 1888. The spine is lettered ‘Vol. I. Antient British Music. J. Parry Rhuabon Blind. 1742’. [English; Welsh. XVIII-XX cent.]

NLW MS 14427B
Music for the harp. Facsimile No. 180. Robert Edwards, c.1764.

NLW MS 15607A
Music. Ellen Owen. [? Ellen Owen of Brogyntyn]

NLW MS 16663A
Music book of John Davies, Felin fach, Cards., c.1750.

NLW MS 18009B (Edward Owen Papers 39.)
Miscellaneous papers relating to BM Additional MS 14905, (the manuscript of early Welsh music which Arnold Dolmetsch claimed to have discovered and deciphered,) and to Robert ap Huw of Bodwigan in Anglesey and William, Penllyn. [English; Welsh. XX cent.]

NLW MS 19102A
Tune book of Edward Jones, Dolydd-byrion, [?Llandwrog], c. 1777. Musical notation.

NLW MS 19103A
Three tune books of John Edwards, Ty Bach, Cricieth, c. 1808. The son of Edward Jones of NLW MS 19102A. Musical notation.

NLW MS 19761D (Snell & Sons Collection of Music Manuscripts)
A volume of music containing the Kyrie and Gloria of a Missa sine nomine, for eight voices, by Giovanni Bononcini (1670-?1755) and select parts of a Te Deum and an anthem ('A solis ortu usque ad occasum laudabile nomen domini') by the same.  Inside each cover is the signature of John Allcock, 1747, Reading, (cf. DNB); the contents of the volume are in the same hand. The volume bears a book-plate of the Rev. John Parker.

NLW MS 22109D
A transcript of Suits or setts of lessons for the Harpsicord or Spinnet (London, 1732) by Richard Jones (d. 1744), with pencil corrections. [XX1 cent.]

NLW Facsimiles

NLW Facs. 180
A facsimile copy of B.M. Addl. Ms. 14939, ‘Antient British Music’, published in 1742, with manuscript additions, including instruction for playing the ‘crwth’, and a list of songs used by harpers in Wales, in the hand of Richard Morris. (This copy was formerly NLW Ms. 14427E)

Peniarth Manuscripts [Restricted access]

Peniarth MS 368B [Restricted access]
A treatise on music entitled ‘The First Booke of Musicke entreating of simple and plaine Musique’, Early 17th cent.
A treatise on music in three books, entitled:

‘The Firste booke of Musicke, entreatinge of simple and plaine Musique’.

Book 2 - ‘of figured Musique

‘The third booke of musique entreatinge of symphonye otherwise called counterpoint’.

This is a similar type of work to Morley’s famous Plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke (1597), though in a far more condensed form; it may be a set of notes made from a work of the scope of Morley’s either by a student or by a teacher. Whatever its origin, it is an interesting exposition of 17th Century notation and musical terminology, and of the way in which music and music treatises were copied before music was printed to any great extent in England

3. Probate Records

Musical Terms

Examples of a musical terms recorded under occupation in pre-1858 probate records.

Jenkin James, Llanddewibrefi, co. Card. SD1620/57, WIB

Robert ap Hugh, Llandegfan, co. Ang. B1665/8, WI
John Roberts, Llanddeiniolen, co. Caern. B1769/73, WI(2)X
William Roberts, Beaumaris, co. Ang. B1813/11, WI
Thomas Jones, Pwllheli, Deneio, co. Caern. B1818/79, BI
William Llewellin, Devynnock, co. Brec., BR1720/29, BI(2)
John Evan, Llanfihangel Tal-y-llyn, co. Brec., BR1733/71, WI(2)
William David, Llanfihangel Tal-y-llyn, co. Brec. BR1733/70, BI(2)
Howell Jones, Crickadarn, co. Brec. BR1757/19, BI(2)
Thomas Giles, St Nicholas, co. Glam. LL1653/86, W/I
Harry James alias Harry Prichard, Llangatwg Lingoed, co. Mon., LL1684/87, WI
Arthur Jenkin, Margam, co. Glam. LL1703/100, WI
Fransis David, St Brides Major, co. Glam. fiddler/harper, LL1710/138, WI
Mary Vaughan, Newchurch, co. Mon., LL1713/129, WI(2)B
Henry Evan, Gelli-gaer, Glam. LL1721/58, WI
William Morgan, Cowbridge, co. Glam. LL1781/34, W
Roger Williams, Rhiwabon, co. Denb. SA1641/103, WX
Thomas Parry, Llanrwst, co. Denb., SA1791/86, W
George Edwards, Llangollen, co. Denb SA1840/109, WX
Roger Jones, Tir Glankenen, Llandeilo Fawr, co. Carm. SD1700/82, WI
Thomas John Thomas, Llanddeusant, co. Carm. SD1700/91, WI
Benjamin Griffiths, Carmarthen, co. Carm. SD1805/19, W
David Morris, Llandybie, co. Carm., SD1825/120, WX

Hugh Rowland, Llangoed, co. Ang. B1724/23, B
William Griffith, Llanddeiniolen, co. Caern. B1781/78, B
William Jenkin, Brecon (St John Evangelist), co. Brec. BR1684/12, WIB
Fransis David, St Brides Major, co. Glam., fiddler/harper, LL1710/138, WI
Thomas Philip, Llanfrechfa, co. Mon. LL1720/104, BI
Daniell Richard Llangadfan, co. Mont.SA1689/73, WI
David Thomas, Llansannan, co. Denb., SA1689/94, WI
John Rees, Laugharne, co. Carm. SD1668/48, BG

John Prosser, Gladestry. co. Rad. BR1791/25, WI(2)
Hugh Kersley, Hawarden, co. Flint, HA1641/973, BI
Jacob George, Llandeilo Gresynni, co. Mon. LL1739/76, BI
Thomas Lewis, St Hilary, co. Glam. LL1763/129, W
Richard Muckleston, Oswestry, co. Salop, SA1686/202, BIX

Thomas Lloyd, Bangor, co. Caern. B1778/41, W
Alexander Gerard, St Asaph, co. Flint, SA1738/140, WI
John Gerard, Wrexham, co. Denb. SA1809/176, W
Edward Randles, Wrexham, co. Denb., SA1820/222, W [?father of Elizabeth Randles. If this is the right one, some info. in Wikipedia is incorrect]
Benjamin Cunnah, Rhiwabon, co. Denb. SA1840/198, WX
Matthew Phillips, Haverfordwest, co. Pemb. SD1775/49, W

4. Composers A-Z

Referenced Composers

For further information on composers please search the Catalogue:
The following is an extensive list, but by no means complete, of some composers referenced in our collections.

John Adson (c. 1587-1640)
John Amner (1579-1641)
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
Daniel Bachelar (1572-1619)
Thomas Baltzar (c. 1630-1663)
Jerome Bassano (1559-1631)
William Brade (1560-1630)
William Byrd (c. 1540-1623)
Diomedes Cato (1560/5-post 1618)
Charles Coleman (1605-1664)
Anne Cromwell (fl. 1638)
William Deane (?1575-1638)
Richard Dering (1580-1630)
Luc Despond (fl. c. 1635-1645)
Francois-Joseph Dizi (1780-1840)
John Dowland (1563-1626)
Alfonso Ferrabosco (?1578-1628)
Thomas Ford (d. 1648)
John Garth (1721 – 1810)
Jacques Gautier (fl. 1617-1652)
Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)
Georg Friederich Händel (1685-1759)
Cuthbert Hely (fl. 1630)
Anthony Holborne (?1584-1602)
Tobias Hume (c. 1569-1645)
Edward Herbert, Lord Cherbury (1582-1648)
Edmund Hooper (c. 1553-1621)
Simon Ives (1600-1652)
John Jenkins (1592-1678)
Robert Johnson (c. 1583-c. 1633)
Michael Lambert (1610-1696)
Nicholas Lanier (1588-1666)
Henry Lawes (1592-1662)
William Lawes (1602-1645)
Matthew Locke (c. 1621-1677)
Thomas Morley (1557/8-1602)
Etienne Moulinie (1599-1676)
William Mundy (c. 1529-1591)
Robert Parsons (c. 1530-1570)
Julien Perrichon (1566-c. 1600)
John Playford (1623-1686/7)
Jacob Polonois (c. 1545-c. 1605)
Thomas Ravenscroft (c. 1582-1635)
Elizabeth Rogers (fl. 1656)
Lorenzino di Roma (c. 1550-1590)
Simon Stubbs (fl. 1621)
Thomas Tallis (c. 1505-1585)
Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656)
Christopher Tye (c. 1505-1573
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
William Williams, Pantycelyn, 1717-1791