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From 6 April 2013, legal deposit covers e-books, e-journals and other types of electronic publication, plus other material that is made available to the public in the UK:

  • On microfilm
  • On handheld media such as CD-ROM
  • On the web (including websites)
  • By download from a website.

However the Act and Regulations do not apply to:

  • Intranets
  • Emails
  • Restricted personal data
  • Cinema films and recorded music publications, although the Regulations do cover music, sound and video contained within other publications.

Collecting Plans

Legal Deposit Libraries’ collection development plans for electronic legal deposit in 2013-14


Legal deposit arrangements for archiving websites and harvesting copies of web pages and documents from the internet

Electronic Publications

Depositing e-books, e-journals and other electronic publications

Handheld Publications

Depositing publications on handheld media such as CD-ROM and microfilm


Security arrangements for deposited material

User Access

How electronic legal deposit material is made available to researchers

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about legal deposit for websites and electronic publications