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There are 3 general series of manuscripts in the Library, namely

  • NLW Manuscript Series
  • NLW ex series of Manuscripts
  • NLW Rolls

NLW Manuscript Series

This is an open-ended series of manuscripts, received by donation or purchase. They are usually manuscript volumes or rolls, or unbound material which can be bound or filed and which is not a part of an archive or collection.

Most of the Library’s literary, historical and antiquarian manuscripts may be found amongst the NLW Manuscript Series.

Amongst the early manuscripts, are

Amongst the more recent manuscripts, are

A number of notable collections have been incorporated into the NLW Manuscript Series, including those of

  • Panton (NLW MSS 1970-2068)
  • Mostyn (NLW MSS 3021-76 and 21238-54)
  • Bourdillon (NLW MSS 5001-148)
  • Llanover (NLW MSS 13061-184)
  • Gwysaney (NLW MSS 17110-62)

NLW ex Series of Manuscripts

This category includes manuscripts which are not included amongst the NLW Manuscripts. The kind of manuscripts which usually fall into this category are:

  • volumes of newspaper cuttings
  • scrap books
  • research theses
  • research papers

This is a continuation of a closed series known as 'Miscellaneous Volumes' (or 'Misc.Vols', numbers 1-415), and the series begins with NLW ex 416.

NLW Rolls

A varied collection of 305 items which includes

  • pedigree rolls, from the 15th – 20th centuries
  • orations
  • eastern rolls
  • palm leaf books
  • some items that are not manuscripts

Since 1981 the oldest and most precious rolls have been incorporated in the NLW manuscript series, size G.

There are also in the Library 2 important series of manuscript reproductions, namely:

NLW Facsimiles

This class consists of photographs, photostats and photocopies of manuscripts and archives kept in other libraries and record offices, and of items, which are in private hands.

Microfilms of manuscripts of Welsh interest

The heart of the collection consists of microfilms of manuscripts in the Welsh Language and manuscripts of Welsh interest which are in other important libraries.

Apart from the British Library manuscripts (NLW Film BL) and Cardiff manuscripts (DC), all this material is included in the NLW Film series.