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Search the tithe maps

Search through the tithe map collection for free. You can see the maps and apportionments, as well as a composite map of Wales through the tithe maps. 

Search the tithe maps of Wales

Access to the tithe maps

The Library holds a set of tithe maps and associated schedules for Wales.

All the tithe maps in the Library have now been catalogued and can be found in the Catalogue. Place names in the map titles often vary from the modern spelling and standardised forms of the names can be found by searching under subject.

Photocopies of both maps and schedules are available on open access in the Reading Room. The originals are not normally issued except in very exceptional cases (e.g. for legal purposes) where an examination of the map colouring or construction is important.

A volume of index maps showing the boundaries of the individual tithe districts is also available in the Reading Room. This is based on a photocopy of the Ordnance Survey’s ‘Index to Tithe Survey’ with the boundaries of the tithe districts highlighted.

For fuller details consult the bibliography below, especially Davies (1999), which provides a comprehensive guide to the maps and schedules held at the Library.

Links to external Tithe Map resources


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