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Content of the picture collection

Items are received into the collection through purchases at auctions, acquisitions from the public, through galleries or directly through the artists. The Library also receives pictures as gifts or bequests.

The collection includes images in various media, from classical oil paintings to original cartoons for newspapers, and by now, digital images.

The collection is divided into a number of different categories, and you can find more information on some of these on the picture collection page. Also the external links provide links to external resources.

Access to the collection

  • Material received after 1986

Every picture that has been received from 1986 onwards is available on the Catalogue.

  • Material received before 1986

The Library is busy transferring information from the old catalogues to the electronic form. Not everything has been transferred, and many pictures may be accessed by using index cards in the Reading Room.

Ordering items

Items from the Catalogue may be ordered and the work is then brought to the reader to look at in the Reading Room. There is no need to give notice before using the Reading Room, but if the reader has information about a specific item or collection that he/she wishes to look at, we recommend that you contact us via our online enquiries form beforehand.

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