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Many publications relating to the Republic of Ireland prior to independence in 1922 can be found in the UK Official Publications Collection.

Where publications were available in both individual item and bound volume formats the Library has in the past received both. However, since 2010 where individual item and bound volume formats are available, only the bound volumes are accessioned.

Searching the collection

All Irish official publications since 1985 are listed in the OPAC. Publications before 1985 are listed on microfiche. Certain publications such as minutes of committees are treated as serials and are not searchable by title or ISBN. Where publications are available in English and Irish, attempts have been made to ensure that copies in both languages are in the collection.

Since 2011 a number of parliamentary papers including committee minutes are no longer published in printed format and are therefore not collected by the library.

Items may be ordered in advance and may be reserved unless another reader requests the same item.

Parliamentary Publications

  • Dáil Éireann Official Report: Complete set 1927-1946 (unbound), from 1946 (bound) and from 1978 (unbound)
  • Seanad Éireann Official Report: Complete set 1926-1946 (unbound), from 1946 (bound) and from 1978 (unbound)
  • Dáil Éireann Order Papers:
  • Dáil Éireann Questions: Partial coverage 1986-1990, Complete set from 2003 (unbound)
  • Seanad Éireann Order Papers: Partial coverage 1985-1989, Complete set from 2003 (unbound)
  • Bills and Explanatory Notes: Complete from 1982 (unbound)

Government Departmental Publications

  • Various serials and monographs since 1922


  • Statutory Instruments: Complete from 1922 (bound and unbound)
  • Acts of the Oireachtas as promulgated: Complete set from 1986 (bound)
  • Acts of the Oireachtas: Complete set 1922-1986 (bound) and from 1986 (unbound)


  • Iris Oifigiuil: Complete set 1925-1975 (bound) and from 1976 (unbound)
  • Iris Oifigiuil Supplement: Complete set from 2000 (unbound)


Online resources can be accessed from the External Electronic Resources page.