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The first Welsh magazines

The editor of Tlysau yr hen oesoedd realised that Welsh culture was weakening as the gentry became anglicised and abandoned the bardic tradition. The Tlysau therefore was an attempt to provide entertaining literature, and to arouse the interest of the Welsh people in their language. But the venture failed, and as far as is known only 1 issue appeared.

The next attempt to establish a Welsh periodical was not until 1770, with the appearance of Trysorfa gwybodaeth, neu eurgrawn Cymraeg [The Treasury of knowledge, or Welsh magazine]. 15 fortnightly issues were published, under the editorship of Josiah Rees, a Unitarian minister in the Swansea Valley. Their contents reflect the editor's interests in Welsh history and literature. It is also relevant to note that one of his sons, Owen Rees, became a friend of Walter Scott and Robert Southey, and was a partner in the Longman publishing company.