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We collect all types of moving images and sound - amateur and professional, fiction and non-fiction - which has a connection to Wales or the Welsh. Home movies and videos, professional films and cine club productions all form an important part of Wales’s unique screen heritage, whilst the sound heritage also includes the full range of historical and current types and formats. Born-digital material is welcome, as are all legacy formats.

Content must reflect Wales or Welshness in some way for it to fall within our collecting remit. Examples are too numerous to list here, but subjects and themes include domestic and family life, the world of work and industry, rural life and leisure, education, political and cultural life and performance – the list is long, and for film and moving image you can read more about our Acquisition Terms and Conditions, in our Collection Policy.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss moving image or audio material please get in touch - via email if possible, giving as many details as possible. If you contact us via telephone, your details will be logged so that the appropriate staff member can get back to you as soon as convenient. If we agree that the material is of interest and that we would like to acquire it for the collection (or assess it further), we will arrange for it to be picked up, or arrange a convenient time for you to bring the material to the Archive. If the material is acquired for the collection you will in due course be provided with an Acquisition Agreement setting out the terms of under which we care for your material. These are flexible and don’t automatically mean any change of ownership or copyright you may hold in the content, but we do ask your permission upfront to use the material as part of our ongoing education and community engagement work services, once we have undertaken preservation work and created duplicate copies for access.

If you have any further questions please contact us.