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Unlocking Our Sound Heritage Listening Bench

Welcome to Wales Listening Bench information page

This audio bench was given to the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage  project through the generosity and kindness of the Friends of the National Library of Wales. The project is funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund and is led by the British Library. The project aims to protect Britain's rare and unique sound recordings by raising awareness of the importance of our heritage

Here in Wales we will digitise 5,000 audio items, catalogue 15,000 recordings and investigate their rights. Over the next few years a selection of sound clips will be played on the bench in a number of locations. Clips such as interviews, songs, stories and oral histories.

On this page you can find out more about the clips on the bench.

Location of bench: National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth
Date: June 2019 - March 2020

The bench has been set up at the front of the National Library to coincide with the Record Exhibition.

Sound Clips

Music by the artist Dylan Baines, recorded 22nd of November 1981 (UNLW011/25)
Music by the group Ectogram from Bangor. The group formed in 1993 but came to an end in 2015. The members were Ann Matthews, Alan Holmes ac Maeyc Hewitt (UNLW011/100)
Interview and music by Malcolm Gwyon and Meibion Mwnt. Recorded 25th of May 1980. Malcolm Neon is an artist and musician who performed in the 1980s under the name Malcolm Neon and founded Casetiau Neon (UNLW011/136 a UNLW011/191)
Music by the musician and composer from Glanaman, Tecwyn Ifan (UNLW011/146)
Interview and music by the Blew. The group formed in 1967 by five students studying at Aberystwyth University - Maldwyn Pate, Richard Lloyd, Dafydd Evans, Dave Williams, Geraint Evans (UNLW011/5)
Music by Plethyn recorded at Cân i Gymru in 1980 (UNLW011/40)
For more information about the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project or to hear the clips in their entirety contact: