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The National Library of Wales has shared some of its digital collections on the Google Arts & Culture online platform, bringing Welsh culture to the attention of the world.

The National Library is the first national Welsh cultural organisation to share content on the Google Arts & Culture platform and joins over 2000 other partners from around the globe who are committed to making art and culture available to everyone wherever they are.

By sharing high resolution images Google Arts & Culture enables audiences to explore items for themselves, to look in detail at the objects and to learn about them through different visual and audio-visual media. It is possible to view the ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ music manuscript and at the same time listen to the first recording of the anthem for example, as well as looking at paintings of some of our iconic castles alongside Google ‘street view’ images of them.
The Library has also added carefully curated stories so that audiences can enjoy the nation’s treasures in their historical context, from early manuscripts to contemporary artworks. This is the first time that the Google Arts & Culture has included the Welsh language on its platform.

In order to view the content in Welsh you will need to change your language settings on Google. Here are some instructions to help you do this:

1. Sign in to your Google account.
2. Click on 'Personal info'.
3. Scroll to the 'General preferences for the web' panel.
4. Select 'Language'.
5. Select 'Edit'.
6. Search and select 'Welsh.'
7. Press 'Select'.