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  • A collection of photographs of the Wladfa in the possession of the late Reverend D. D. Walters, who was a minister in Patagonia. 0200209724.
  • Framed Address presented to the Reverend D. D. Walters by The Union of Free Churches, Y Wladfa, on his departure for Wales, 1922. 0200210424.
  • Seven watercolours and one oil painting on canvas of Patagonian landscapes and animals by Kyffin Williams. 0200211136, 0200211145, 020021150, 020021152-3, 0200211156, 0200211179, 0200211186.
  • Postcard of Hospital Britanico de Buenos Aires attended by numerous people of Welsh descent who lived in Buenos Aires either as nurses or patients.
  • Twenty five post cards of various views of the Wladfa. 0200213381-2.
  • Electronic copies made at NLW from photographs of the Welsh community in Y Wladfa, Argentina, which were kindly lent to the Library by the donor. 0200300377.
  • Paul W. Birt.  'The Welsh language in Chubut, Patagonia. Argentina' in 'Rebuilding the Celtic languages'. Diarmuid O'Neill (ed.) Y Lolfa, 2005. 115-151