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A Bibliography of Robert Owen, 1771-1858

Read the bibliography of Robert Owen (pdf) , compiled by Wyn Thomas


The contribution of Robert Owen to social and political thought has been significant. The extent and scope of his influence extended well beyond the shores of Britain. The connection with America is well known through the community of New Harmony, and through the work of his sons who remained in the USA. His writings were translated into several languages, and his ideas found expression in countries as far afield as Japan.

Born in Newtown (Monts.), Wales he moved to Stamford (Lincs.), London, Manchester and later to New Lanark. His name is perhaps best known for the link with New Lanark, where building on the social experiment of David Dale (1791-1865) he sought to establish an ideal worker’s village and co-operative. He used his substantial wealth to promote his views, which can be seen as a prototype of socialism. The range of his interests extended from economics and labouring condtions to include religion and politics. His ideas attracted considerable interest, both sympathetic and hostile. His views were disseminated through the ubiquitous media of the day, pamphlets, journals, broadsides and public lectures.

The bibliographical Robert Owen’s publications have been enumerated in several bibliographies. Two bibliographies stand out and may be regarded as the standard works listing Owen’s publications. These are A bibliography of Robert Owen, the socialist 1771-1858 published by the National Library of Wales (the first edition was published in 1914, a second revised and expanded edition was published in 1925) and J. F. C. Harrison’s Robert Owen and the Owenites in Britain and America: the quest for the New Moral world. (Aldershot: Gregg Revivals, 1969). The present bibliography is heavily dependent on these bibliographies, and indeed on many other works listed below.

The process of maintaining and adding to the National Library’s Robert Owen collection led to the ‘discovery’ of editions and translations of Robert Owen’s works which were not listed in the standard bibliographies. The aim of the present bibliography is to build on the existing works by incorporating works and editions that have come to light. While considerable effort has gone to ensuring that the present bibliography is as comprehensive as possible in its coverage, no claim is made or advanced to it’s being the definitive work. Its sole aspiration is to be a contribution to the study of Robert Owen’s life and works. Any corrections or additions would be most welcome and may be sent to the address given above.

The bibliography is arranged chronologically, listing the title of a work and the different editions which appeared. Journal titles have been set apart at the end of the bibliography. Where a work or edition occurs in NUC, Harrison or the National Library of Wales bibliography (indicated by NLW) it is noted after the bibliographical description of the edition. Reference number relating to the National Library of Wales bibliography are to the second edition, published in 1925. I would like to acknowledge here the permission and help of Prof. John North of Waterloo University, Canada in being allowed to reproduce the bibliographical details about the journals associated with Robert Owen. The preparation of this bibliography would not have been possible without the support and co-operation of fellow staff members at The National Library of Wales, especially that of Dr Huw Walters. The responsibility for any errors and shortcomings in the bibliography rest with the compiler, and with him alone.

Wyn Thomas

National Library of Wales

January 2007

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In addition to these published works the online catalogues of the Library of Congress, and the national libraries of Italy, France, Ireland, Japan, Spain, and Scotland, the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, the Karlsruhe Virtueller Katalog of Karlsruhe University were also consulted.


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