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Using the Clip Cymru website

What items are included in the Clip Cymru website?

You'll find a full list of the items included on the Clip Cymru ‘What’s available’ page.

Will more items be added to the website?

Clip Cymru will be updated with new material on a regular basis, as it becomes available.

How can I watch/listen to clips?

Click on the item you wish to access. This will take you to the full record. Pressing the play icon will allow you to view or listen to the clip.  
You will be able to view and listen to The National Library of Wales’ entire digitised audio-visual collection on Clip Cymru from within the Clip Corners in various locations throughout Wales.
If you are accessing Clip Cymru online from outside a Clip Corner, you will be able to view or listen to a diverse selection of 1,500 clips that will be curated from our collection over the course of the Wales Broadcast Archive project, and will be able to view the records for the full collection.

Do I need to register to be able to play clips from to the collections on Clip Cymru?

To play clips and create playlists in a Clip Corner you will need to register via a NLW Reader’s Ticket Number. However, you will not need to register to search or view the records for items on Clip Cymru or view a selection of 1,500 clips that will be cleared for online use over the course of the Wales Broadcast Archive project.

What are the benefits of registering?

By registering you will create a Reader’s Ticket Number for The National Library of Wales. This will not only allow you to play clips and create playlists on Clip Cymru within the Clip Corners, but will also give you access to an excellent range of The National Library of Wales online resources, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Further information regarding registration can be found on the 'Reader’s Tickets' page.   


How do I search the collection?

To search for an item within the collection, enter a keyword related to the item you want to find in the Search Box of the Homepage. After you press ‘Search’, you will then be taken to the ‘Search Results’ page where you will be able to narrow down your search using ‘Search within results’.

How can I start a new search?

Click on Clip Cymru in the header. You will then be taken to the Homepage where you can create a new search.

Alternatively you can edit your search term on the search result page.

Search Results

What information is displayed for each result?

On the ‘Search Results’ page, each item will show the Title, Date, Duration, and a Summary, if available. Clicking on a result will give you access to a wider range of available information. The ‘Information’ tab will include Title, Date, and Rights details. It could also include details such as Genre, Channel name, Language, Content type, Summary, Shot list, Location and whether there are any content warnings. The ‘More Information’ tab will provide technical information, and any details on performers or creators.

How can I change the number of results displayed?

You can change the number of results displayed by clicking on the ‘Sorting’ drop down on the top right hand corner. Here you can choose to view either 12, 24 or 48 results on a page.

How can I change the order in which the results are displayed?

To change the order in which the results are displayed, click on 'Sorting’. You can sort your results by Relevance or by Date, in ascending or descending order.

How can I refine my search results?

You can refine your search results by using the facets on the left side of the screen on the ‘Search Results’ page, or by ‘Search[ing] within results’. Clicking on the facet heading will reveal all the available options for you to narrow down your results and help you find your item. The facet options include: ‘Availability’, ‘Language’, ‘Channels’, ‘Media Type’, ‘Decade’, ‘Broadcast date’, and ‘Production date’. Once selected, the results will be refined. ‘Search[ing] within results’ is a simple way to refine your search results through the use of language and keywords. This can be helpful if you don’t have much information about the item’s records.

Why can't I view or listen to all the content on the website?

Due to rights restrictions, it is not possible to make the whole collection viewable online, however its records will be searchable online. Further information on how to view the collection in your local area can be found on the 'What’s available' page.

Can I access curated collections?

Yes, on the homepage below the search bar, you will find a series of items that have been organised into different themes. These items are accessible from inside and outside of the Clip Corner locations.

Viewing Items

How can I view the videos as a full screen?

To view any item in full screen please select the full screen icon – displayed as ‘arrows’ – on the bottom right corner of the video player. To exit full screen, select the same icon or press the Esc. on your keyboard.

Can I download a film?

Due to copyright restrictions, you are unable to download content from the website. If you require a copy then please contact the Library for further information.   

Can you supply film stills?

No, we cannot supply film stills. Information regarding requesting copies or enquiries on material reproduction is available on our 'Requesting copies' page.

Playlists (available within Clip Corners only)

What is a playlist?

A playlist is a list of audio and/or video files chosen by the user that can be organised into different themes and accessed at a later time. This functionality is only available within the Clip Corners at the moment. You will not be able to access your playlists from outside the Clip Corners. 

How to create a playlist on Clip Cymru?

To create a playlist you will need to visit a Clip Corner. Firstly, select the ‘Sign in/ Register’ button in the header and enter your Reader’s Ticket credentials.

From there, you’ll see a button labelled ‘My Playlists’ in the top right. Click on ‘My Playlists’ to start the playlist creation process.

To create a new Playlist select the ‘Add Playlist’ button on the left hand side. This will open a new pop up where you can enter your playlist title and a description and click ‘Save’. You can always edit this later if you change your mind.

How to add an item to your playlist?

To add items to your playlist click on the ‘Back to search results’ tab and select the item you want to include in your playlist by clicking on the star icon on the top right of the item. A pop-up will open and if you have more than one playlists you can use the dropdown menu to select which playlist you want your item to be save to. Select your chosen playlist from the dropdown menu and click on ‘Save’. Your item should now be saved in your preferred playlist.

How to edit or delete an item from your playlist?

Now that you’ve created your playlist, you may want to edit it from time to time. First, navigate back to the ‘My playlists’ tab. Then click on the pencil icon to edit the title and description of your playlist.

If you want to delete a video from your playlist, simply deselect the star icon on the item. The icon will turn red and will be removed from your playlist.

Alternatively, to delete a playlist you can select the bin icon.

Copyright and Licensing

What are your copyright and licensing terms and conditions?

More information on copyright, licensing and how to contact us is available on our Copyright and Licensing page.