What is Digital Scholarship?

Digitally enabled scholarship involves the use of digital collections, and ICT methods and tools for their analysis and representation. This can:

  • Facilitate and enhance existing research - by making research processes easier via the use of computational tools and methods

    - Searching and browsing large datasets
    - Bringing together diverse collections digitally
    - Working collaboratively on disparate data
  • Enable research that would otherwise be impossible - addressing research questions that would have been impossible to resolve without digital methods and tools

    - Large scale text mining and data analysis,
    - Using image analysis tools to uncover 'hidden' parts of manuscripts or art works etc.
  • Allow researchers to ask new research questions i.e. questions that are driven by insights that were only achievable through the use of new tools and methods

    - Using advanced imaging techniques (e.g. photospectral or RTI imaging) to see ancient documents in new ways that can be the basis for developing new research questions