The Kyffin Williams Bequest Project

The background to the Kyffin Williams Project

On his death in September 2006 the internationally renowned Welsh artist, Sir Kyffin Williams, bequeathed a large part of his estate to The National Library of Wales. It encompasses all the artist’s own works of art, then owned by him, his extensive collection of art by others, his prints, his archives, his medals and a small collection of bronzes of animals and birds. Together with all the objects came funds of just over £400,000, ensuring resources for storing the pictures, the cataloguing of all of the material and the digitising programme.

In the Spring of 2008 the Kyffin Williams Bequest Project was set up. The cataloguing of the artwork and archives began in the Summer of 2008 and the digitising programme began in early Summer 2009. The online catalogue has been completed and future plans include an exhibition in 2018.

The content of the Kyffin Williams bequest

The bequest comprises 1200 works on paper, 200 oil paintings and over 300 original prints depicting the landscape and people of Wales; a comprehensive archive consisting of correspondence, diaries and manuscripts, and a large group of photographs and slides. They provide a complete overview of his whole life and career, and will be a valuable resource for a variety of people, including:

  • pupils and their teachers
  • higher education students
  • lifelong learning students
  • researchers
  • staff of galleries and public and national collections
  • individuals interested in Welsh art
  • individuals who collect or own works by Kyffin Williams
  • the media in Wales and worldwide

Kyffin Blog

A blog based on the Kyffin Williams Bequest Project

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Some cards and prints of works by Kyffin Williams are on sale at the Library's online shop.

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